Servant season 4: a trailer for the grand finale of Shyamalan's series

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Apple TV+ has unveiled a chilling trailer for the final season of Servant, the disturbing series from Mr. Night Shyamalan.

Si Servant, the horror series produced by Mr. Night Shyamalan, was heavily inspired by the feature film Rosemary's Baby, the program created by Tony Basgallop ended up finding its own identity after three seasons devoted to a bereaved couple, a mysterious doll and a very atypical nurse (understatement).

Thus, by its plots and tone, Servantgarnered enough public favor for Apple TV+ to give the series a proper ending in the form of a fourth season. The very good season 3 of Servant undoubtedly helped to lay the foundations for this conclusion. However, to celebrate Halloween, like last year, Apple TV+ gave us a first glimpse of the upcoming grand finale with a first trailer that does not bode well for the Turner family.< /strong>

After an introduction in the form of a reminder for the viewer, the trailer ramps up and promises a grandiose apocalypse (in the first sense of the term, i.e. revelation) for this season 4. The trailer is based on a premise classic, evokes a progressive implementation of the stakes during the previous seasons, an implementation which leads straight to this final. A process that is certainly effective, but really hackneyed.

On the other hand, certain images strike our unconscious beyond the few effects that inoculate unease, characteristic of this series. The fleeting plan which presents a young woman in bacteriological protective clothing, a baby in her arms, is very appealing. A vision that impresses like that of an unleashed Leanne,the nurse indeed seems to fulfill her purpose in fury and blood.

With this trailer, season 4 of Servant greatly arouses our curiosity and can rightly arouse a certain craze among early admirers. In addition, we hope for a conclusion as mastered in its form as the previous season, relieved of the recurring defects that enamel the final chapters of too many series in the past. Either way, Servant won't make the mistake of continuing no matter what. The series will land on January 13, 2023 on Apple TV+.

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