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SES 2024 baccalaureate subject: all subjects and all answers

“SES 2024 baccalaureate subject: all the subjects and all the answers”

BAC SES 2024. The second session of the SES test takes place this afternoon, students will discover the subjects of their & proof & 2 p.m. and they will be published immediately.

The essentials

  • Students take their SES test from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. 6 p.m. today. 
  • The SES subject of the second day of this session of the 2024 baccalaureate is available on this page, thanks to our partnership with Studyrama.
  • The answer will be available on this page. the end of the SES test.

Corrected; of the SES test – Wednesday June 19


17:07 – The shunned environment by the SES this year

On the two days of tests, no questions related to the ;item "what action for the environment". School, work, society French culture and the financial crisis were on the agenda for these two SES sessions. The theme of "international trade" that some predicted as unlikely is nevertheless in the subject of today's test, a sign that we really need to revise the entiretyé oacute; of the program.

16:27 – The subject of the composite test

The composite test of the second session of the SES test consists of three exercises. In the first, it is asked; students to "present two channels of transmission of a financial crisis& the real economy. For the second exercise, they must "compare the volunteer commitment according to the level of diploma in 2023 and "show that the volunteer commitment “depends on sociodemographic variables”, for this they have several documents. For the final part of the test, they must show 'that there are various explanations for trade between comparable countries', 'that there are various explanations for trade between comparable countries'. with the help of their knowledge and the three documents provided; layout in the handout. 

16:10 – The dissertation subject

For this second day of the SES test, the students could, if they wished, work on the subject dissertation. This time the subject is: "What factors structure and hierarchize societyé current French ?". Since 2 p.m., they have been devoting themselves to this subject of sociology and political science.

The subjects of the specialty test are: SES has just fallen while the students have been working on it for more than two hours. They are available on this page thanks to à our partner Studyrama.

15:40 – Topics are coming soon

The topics are slow à reach us, they will be available on this page in a few moments. Students will arrive soon at half of their test, & At this stage those who chose the dissertation must have completed the dissertation. their draft and started writing. Those who preferred the composed proof are certainly already there. in the second or third exercise of their test.

14: 28 – Candidates have the choice between two tests

During the SES test, candidates have the choice between two tests: a dissertation or a composed test. In the case of the dissertation, students must problematize a question and answer it, starting from the open question given in the handout. . They also have a corpus of documents that they must use in their writing. For the composition test, candidates must work on three exercises, a knowledge question, a document study and a final exercise entitled "Reasoning based on a documentary file".

14:01 – The candidates begin the ;proof of SES

À 2 p.m., all students who have chosen to take the SES test begin their test, the examiners will take the SES test. have transmitted the subjects, it is &agrav; them to play now. For the next four hours, silence and reflection will reign in the halls of high schools across France. 

< h3 class="app_edito_title_2">12:40 – À what does the SES proof look like ?

The SES test is made up of a writing test and an oral test. Today, candidates take the writing test. They will have 4 hours to work on an essay on a specific theme of the final year or on a test composed of e more transversal but which also concerns only the final year program.

11:40 – Can we trust the subject of yesterday for today's test ?

The answer is obviously no, the candidates who pass The SES test today will discover a whole new subject, covering themes that will not necessarily be those of the day before. The subject of June 19 can serve as training for students but above all one should not rely on it. its content to consider today's test.

10:40 – The second session of the SES test it's today

Welcome to this news feed ; à inform you about the subject of SES for the 2024 baccalaureate. Many students have chosen the specialty of bac 2024. SES for the baccalaureate, the first half of them passed this test yesterday and for the second half, it takes place today. Follow the posting of topics online here, as well as our comments and corrections.

Find out more

A priori, the results of the test of speciality of economic and social sciences will be available on July 8, 2024, at the same time as the results of the others éproofs.

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