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SES 2024 baccalaureate subject: discover the test and the answer key for the subject

“SES baccalaureate subject 2024: discover the test and the answer key for the subject”

BAC SES 2024. The economic and social sciences test for Wednesday June 19 is online. What is the topic and what should be answered?

The essentials

  • The SES subject of the first day of this session of the 2024 baccalaureate is available and it is available. find it below, as well as the correction, thanks to our partnership with Studyrama.
  • Another topic will be sent to students taking the test on June 20, it will also be available on this page.

Corrected; of the SES test – Wednesday June 19


18:00 – End of the SES test

The first session of the economic and social sciences test ends. À 6 p.m., all the tests of the day end. For candidates registered in SES who did not take the exam today, the test begins tomorrow at 2 p.m. the topic will be different but they can continue practicing with today's topic. The correction will arrive on this page very quickly after the end of the test. 

17:33 – We arrive at the last minutes of the test

In less than half an hour, it will be the end of this first day of specialty testing, for those who pass The SES test and particularly for candidates who have chosen the dissertation, the third stage of their work begins. As the dissertation is a meticulous exercise, students must absolutely think about what they are trying to do. re-read yourself, several times if necessary because the correctors will also be attentive to what you have written. the language in copies. 

16:55 – The themes of the test composed& eacute;e

School, unemployment, equality opportunities, inflation or even social justice, are on the program of the test composed of: of its. Candidates who have chosen to work on this test rather than the dissertation therefore have 4 hours to deal with the three exercises that make it up. 

The knowledge question (4 points) is: "Show that, in democratic societies, school aims à promote equality chances. The document study (6 points) covers the economic situation in Spain and Latvia, and the subject of the "reasoning” exercise. (10 points) is: "Show that public authorities have several instruments at their disposal to ensure social justice".

16: 15 – The subject of the dissertation this year

For students who preferred the dissertation à the composite test, the subject of this year is: "To what extent do changes in employment weaken power? integrator of work ?", it is therefore a theme of sociology and political science which has been explored. selected this year.

The subjects of the SES test for the 2024 baccalaureate have finally fallen, we now know what the candidates have been working on for more than an hour. These topics are available on this page thanks to à our partner Studyrama.

15:36 – Où are we on topics ?

The topics take some time to reach us, but they should be available in the next few minutes. As a reminder, the topics are published no earlier than one hour and fifteen minutes after the start of the exam so that students who arrive late for the exam cannot come across them before entering the exam room.

15:01 – Already 1 hour of testing

The candidates have been working on the subjects of SES for an hour now, à At this stage they must have chosen between the dissertation and the composed test. For those who have chosen the dissertation, they must quickly prepare a draft before starting to write. write while for those who have chosen the composed test, we imagine that they must finish answering the question. the question of "mobilization of knowledge".

14:25 – What do students do who do not take the SES test

Certain candidates are not affected by this SES test However, since 2 p.m., they have also been in the examination room to take a test. The reason is simple, out of the 13 specialty courses, 10 are subject to specialization. a test today. For the other 3, the tests will begin on Thursday or Friday, but the students concerned will certainly also move on. another test of specialty today.

14:00 – The SES test has started

The SES specialty test officially started this afternoon at 2 p.m. Candidates for the 2024 baccalaureate now have 4 hours to answer the subjects they have been given as best they can. given.

13:50 – The third of the composite test is not an essay

Among the candidates who will take the SES test for the baccalaureate, some who are not very inspired by the dissertation will choose to work on the composite test. The third part of this test is the densest, you must devote at least half to it. of the time of the test. If the subject seems close to that of a dissertation, it is not however treated in the same way. It does not require problematization as one would find in the dissertation. The question of "reasoning" is organized in a series of paragraphs argued by the documents and your knowledge, the correctors do not ask candidates to put in place parts and sub-parts. Don't forget that this exercise can be completed in 3 pages, the dissertation will require much more.

11:35 – How not to lose stupidity points

SES subjects are usually large files of around ten pages because they contain numerous documents. Whether it is the dissertation or the composition test, candidates must pay close attention to the composition. use these documents correctly in their copies. So be careful à not only mobilizing the knowledge acquired in first and final year classes, we must think about use the data present in the documents. 

Another point on which the correctors will be uncompromising is the ability to à use specific economic and social vocabulary. It's also indicated; in the topics. There is no question of popularizing one's thoughts, one must remain technical and illustrate development in a relevant manner.

10:18 – Baccalaureate candidates take the SES test

Welcome to this thread ;apos;news, intended for à inform you on the subject of SES for the 2024 baccalaureate. Many final year students have chosen to take this specialty test. and for some of them, the test takes place today. Follow the posting of topics online here, as well as our comments and corrections.

Find out more

Like every year, students from French high schools attended the event. Abroad takes the baccalaureate exams a few days before those in mainland France and overseas. Depending on the country, the tests differ because French high schools abroad are classified by group. The topics given to students from North America and Group 1 are not identical to those in North America and Group 1. those of the other candidates.

Day 1: This is topics given to candidates from North America and Group 1 for the first session of the SES test.

Day 2: This is Topics given to candidates from North America and beyond. this from Group 1 for the second session of the SES test.

A priori, the results of the test of speciality of economic and social sciences will be available on July 8, 2024, at the same time as the results of the others éproofs.

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