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SES 2024 baccalaureate subject: the test and probable subjects

“SES baccalaureate subject 2024: the test and probable subjects”

BAC SES 2024 EVENTS: On June 19 and 20, the specialty tests will take place. SES for the baccalaureate. What are the topics that will fall this year?

The main subject of the old Bac ES, economic and social sciences are now among the specialist courses. This year more than 130,000 students will be assessed on June 19 or 20, depending on their convocation date. There are only a few days left for candidates for the 2024 baccalaureate to finalize their revisions. This Wednesday or Thursday, they will be questioned on topics such as economic growth and international trade and they will not be allowed to speak. error because as with each specialty, the SES test counts. she alone accounts for 16% of the final baccalaureate mark.

Students from mainland France and overseas have 4 hours to write an essay or composition based on a corpus. They will be expected to demonstrate their ability to analyze, argue and reason. To continue preparing, past papers and the topics given to students in French high schools in abroad are available below.

Are there any likely topics ?

Like every year, a few weeks before the start of the tests, several specialized sites offer predictions as to the subjects which will fall in the month of June. This year is no exception. The real goal of this type of prediction is to guide students in their revisions, and to condition them with statements that they can use. #39;they could find themselves on the day of the test. There is little chance that the subject of SES corresponds to this topic. 100% à what these sites offer but some themes may be more likely than others. For the specialty test SES from bac 2024 here are some ideas for topics proposed by the site Digischool

Very likely subjects:

  • What are the sources and challenges of economic growth ?
  • How is the company structured? current French ?
  • How to fight against unemployment ?
  • How to explain financial crises and regulate the financial system?
  • What changes in work and employment ?
  • Which inequalities are compatible with social justice?

Probable subjects:

  • What economic policies in the European framework ?
  • What are the characteristics and factors of mobility? social ?
  • What is the action of the School on individual destinies and on the evolution of society? ?

Unlikely topics: 

  • What are the foundations of international trade and the internationalization of production ? 
  • How to explain political engagement in democratic societies ?
  • What public action for the environment ? 

What are the SES subjects for bac 2024 in foreign centers ?

Like every year, students from French high schools at Abroad takes the baccalaureate exams a few days before those in mainland France and overseas. Depending on the country, the tests differ because French high schools abroad are classified by group. The topics given to North American and Group 1 students will not be identical to those given in North America and Group 1. those that the other candidates will discover on June 19 and 20.

Day 1:

Day 2:

The subjects of last year's baccalaureate are   read in full on the Internet user thanks to à our partner Studyrama. Among all the subjects, those of the specialty economic and social sciences are at your disposal. discover below. Note that two sessions of the test took place and that consequently two subjects were taken. distributed to candidates, one for each day of testing.

Topic #1 of SES last year:

Last year's SES topic #2:

In addition to broadcasting the subjects, Linternaute in partnership with Studyrama offers a correction of the subject with the main elements that could be introduced in his copy.

Corrigé du sujet n°1 de SES de l'annĂ©e dernier :

Corrected; from last year's SES topic #2:

What are the themes of SES subjects in 2024 ?

No surprises this year in the subjects of 2024: all the exercises or dissertation subjects cover one or more themes seen and learned in class during the year. e. Above all, you must be meticulous about the way you articulate your argument and ensure that it is clearly understood. Be clear and complete in your answers. Be careful à manage your time well and above all do not neglect the proofreading time, which should be approximately 15 minutes.

This year, the Ministry of National Education has selected these themes, with very precise orientations. Candidates for the 2024 baccalaureate will inevitably come across one of the following subjects, obviously developed differently and with a unique angle around these themes:

Around the theme Sociology and political science:

  • The structures of societyé current French
  • Contemporary characteristics and factors of mobility social
  • Political engagement in democratic societies
  • The action of the School on individual destinies and on the evolution of society
  • The changes in work and employment

Around the theme of Economic Science:

  • The sources and challenges of economic growth
  • The fight against unemployment
  • Financial crises and the financial system
  • The foundations of international trade and the internationalization of production
  • Economic policies in the European framework

Around the theme "Crossed perspectives" :

  • Public action for the environment
  • Inequalities and different conceptions of social justice

When will the results of the 2024 SES round be released ?

A priori, the results of the test of speciality of economic and social sciences will be available on July 8, 2024, at the same time as the results of the others éproofs.

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