Seven effective ways to cheat hunger

Hunger is confused with thirst.

Семь эффективных способов обмануть голод

Probably, everyone has faced a situation when after some time after a blackout, it would seem that the lunch they want to eat. Anyone who has ever struggled with excess weight through diet, experienced an oppressive feeling of hunger. And everyone thought about how to suppress your desire to eat something when you do not do this, or is temporarily not possible. There are many ways to fool the body and to remove the “hunger pangs”.

1. Water – the most simple and affordable way to fool the body. Moreover, very often it deceives our brain, giving a feeling of hunger thirst. Drinking a glass of water, you can be sure – if you really want to eat, and a little easier for “hungry attack”.

2. Breathing practice – is also considered an effective way to suppress hunger – 20 deep breaths and the urge to eat passes.

3. Activity – both physical and “business” – do need to eat. When the brain is busy, he doesn’t “think” about hunger, and concentrated on the task. By the way, recently scientists have shown that to improve productivity and stimulate creative thinking must be a little hungry.

4. Acupuncture, which some are completely frivolous, and others consider to be the panacea for all ills, it copes with the problem of a temporary suppression of hunger – massage 2-3 minutes the point between the lips and nose, and hunger retreat.

5. Aromatherapy. On the one hand, aromas can evoke a gargantuan appetite, and with another – is able to suppress an important the choice of fragrance. So, get rid of feelings of hunger the smell of coffee, pine, and citrus aromas, which, incidentally, can still energize.

6. Tight belt. Women know that if the dress is tight-fitting shape, a lot better not to eat. A tight belt or waistband can reduce the likelihood of overeating and allow you to “consciously” control the feeling of hunger.

7. Sleep. Proper rest one of the best ways to cope not only with fatigue, but also to avoid “night snacks”, and also to control appetite throughout the day. Many nutritionists tend to think of sleep is one of the fundamental aspects in the fight against obesity.

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