Seven weeks of vacation and bonuses: a company's bet to attract employees


Seven weeks of vacation and bonuses: a company’s bet to attract employees

A New Brunswick company takes great ways to stand out as employers snap up workers.

A modular construction of the Supreme Houses of Tracadie.

Seven weeks of vacation – including one during the moose hunt – in addition to bonuses and scholarships: this is the tempting offer of a Tracadie company that is trying everything for the everything to recruit employees in a context of labor shortage.

The modular construction company Maisons Suprêmes, located in the industrial park of the Regional Municipality in Tracadie, is looking to quickly fill 15 daily positions in administration, management and carpentry during the construction season.

Interior view of the Maisons Suprêmes de Tracadie modular construction plant.

To achieve this, the company founded in 1983 and counting more than 160 employees announced on its Facebook page a series of unique advantages, namely an attendance bonus of $200 every two weeks, scholarships for children of employees as well as seven weeks of vacation, including the Holidays and one during the moose hunting season.

We want to accommodate our employees so that they are as happy as possible. We therefore offer them pleasant weeks, such as the school break week in March, the last week of July, the first week of August, the week of moose hunting and three weeks at Christmas, lists the director of operations at Supreme Houses.

In just a few hours, the ad was shared more than 1,100 times on social media and Martin Cormier, the plant's director of operations, had already received around 50 applications.

“As we have difficulty recruiting staff, we have chosen to give them as many advantages as possible to attract them to us. »

— Martin Cormier, Director of Operations at Maisons Suprêmes de Tracadie

The attendance bonus rewards attendance at work in order to counter the problem of absenteeism linked to a workweek of 42 hours.

We have trouble finding stable people in addition to having difficulty finding labor, he said affirmed.

As for the seven weeks of vacation, they are used to give time off to employees who have to meet increasing demand in the modular construction company, continues Martin Cormier.

Previously, the business operated 10 months a year, he says. The employees therefore had two months to rest. But that break no longer exists and managers are realizing worker fatigue is leading to lower production, he continued.

It's also a strategy to attract the younger generation, explains Martin Cormier.

“We want our employees to be at home. We also know that holidays are an attractive asset for the new generation. »

— Martin Cormier, director of operations at Maisons Suprêmes de Tracadie

Employees at work at the Maisons Suprêmes modular construction plant in Tracadie.

Since his main goal is to fill all these positions, Martin Cormier does not have time to think about a replica of competitors in the field of construction.

We are not trying to find out if someone will copy us or adjust. It is true that many construction companies draw from the same pool of workers and experience the same labor difficulties, he acknowledged.


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