Several men were shot at in City West

Several men were shot at in City West

Several men were shot at in City West

BerlinAfter a nightly shooting in Nürnberger Strasse, the police are investigating suspicions as to whether it was a renewed confrontation between criminal clans. There have been several violent encounters in the past few weeks attributed to this scene.

At about 0.45 a.m., several shots had been fired at the district border between Schöneberg and Charlottenburg. Previously, three cars are said to have stopped there, a Mercedes, a BMW and a Smart. According to a police spokeswoman, the inmates got out and said hello. A pedestrian approached them and fired at the group from the sidewalk. The attacker then fled in the direction of Tauentzienstrasse and the group that was shot at in the direction of Augsburger Strasse.

Police found the drivers (both 28 years old) of the BMW and the Smart near the crime scene. Both declared that they could not say anything about the act or those involved. Apparently no one was injured in the attack. The police were able to seize bullets and shell casings.

Foto; Morris Pudwell

A projectile dented a road sign.

A short time after the crime, police officers surrounded a white Mercedes AMG on the corner of Ranke and Augsburger Strasse, the driver and occupants of which are said to belong to a well-known clan. This has not yet been confirmed by the police, so it is unclear whether the people happened to be near the crime scene.

A man was recently gunned down in Kreuzberg

On November 27th there was a shooting in Kreuzberg, which probably resulted from clan disputes. That evening, three masked men approached a group of people who were standing in front of a shop on the corner of Mittenwald and Fürbringerstrasse. They shot a 29-year-old man and escaped in a car that was later found nearby. The victim of Arab descent had to undergo emergency surgery in the Kreuzberg Urban Clinic.

The shooting resulted in another attack three days later. In Gneisenaustrasse, not far from the first crime scene, several men came to a house and broke several windows in a ground floor apartment. Then they fled. Relatives of the man who was shot down live in the apartment.

On that Monday evening, before the attack on the house on Gneisenaustrasse, there were already fights by members of warring clans on Schönleinstrasse, the corner of Böckhstrasse and Mittenwalder Strasse.

The clashes resulted in a massive police operation. The officers checked, among other things, four men with baseball bats, knives and tear gas cans in their cars. The car was confiscated and the men dismissed after they had been investigated.

Bloody cigarette war among the Vietnamese

After the wars between Vietnamese, who claimed 39 deaths in Berlin in the 1990s in the battle for the trade in duty-unpaid cigarettes, the hostilities between clans of Arab descent have so far remained fatal despite several shootings in recent years – with one exception: in September 2018 four men shot the 36-year-old Nidal R., who had many criminal records, on the edge of the Tempelhofer Feld in front of his children and his wife. The murder has not been resolved to this day, according to a dropout from the scene, the man had to die because of a defamation.

Several men were shot at in City West

Photo: Paul Zinken / dpa

Yellow police markings indicate traces on the Oderstrasse where Nidal R. was shot.

Because of the term “clan crime”, there are now political disputes. The AG Migration of the SPD and the Jusos demand that the term no longer be used because it is racist. A request that meets with little understanding from the new SPD state chairman Franziska Giffey and her successor in the chair of the Neukölln mayor, Martin Hikel (SPD).

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