Sex crimes: ex-owner of petting zoo to plead guilty

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Sex crimes: the ex-owner of a petting zoo will plead guilty

Michael Sorenson leaves the courthouse in Fredericton after pleading not guilty in February 2022. He will soon change his plea, according to his attorney.

A Fredericton-area individual who is accused of sex crimes will plead guilty next month, his lawyer said.

Michael Sorenson, of Noonan, New Brunswick, faces charges of:

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  • voyeurism (12 counts)
  • production of child pornography (10 counts)
  • possession of child pornography (3 counts)
  • sexual exploitation (3 counts)
  • invitation to sexual touching (2 counts)
  • sexual assault (1 count)
  • sexual interference (1 count)
  • The defendant had previously pleaded not guilty and a trial was scheduled to take place in February.

    The 39-year-old man appeared by telephone Thursday morning in provincial court in Fredericton. Michael Sorenson is due to enter new pleas on February 24, which was one of the dates set for the trial.

    His attorney, T.J. Burke, did not say Thursday whether his client intends to plead guilty to 32 counts, or only some of them.

    A 33rd charge will be laid in the coming days in Saint-Jean, according to the prosecutor of the Crown, Karen Lee.

    Michael Sorenson was arrested on September 7, 2021 and charged the following September 22 in Fredericton.

    According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in New Brunswick, the alleged facts allegedly occurred from 2008 to 2020 at various locations.

    Up to 2020, the accused owned petting zoo in Noonan and his activities took him to travel around the province, where he hired local workers and stayed in hotels.

    There would be at least 16 victims, had indicated the Crown, and their identity is protected by a publication ban.

    With information from CBC

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