Sex slave 18 years old: she spent 31 years in prison, subjected to bullying villain

Секс-рабыня с 18 лет: женщина провела 31 год в заточении, подвергаясь издевательствам негодяя

In Venezuela there was a case that shocked many people in the country: unlike the common belief that slavery died in the nineteenth century, it turned out that his remnants are observed even in our days.

About one of such terrible incidents tells British Mirror.

The publication writes that more than 30 years ago the then 18-year-old girl fell into the clutches of the villain Mathias Salazar, who kept her locked up in a cramped apartment using for sexual pleasures.

Manipulations the attacker forced the victim to leave the parental house and since then abused her. In the apartment, where the poor lived, there were only three changes of clothes and had an old TV and fan.

24 Jan a woman who turned 49 years old, managed to escape from his prison and appealed to the local authorities. In her statement to the apartment where she spent 31 years in prison, was raided by prosecutors.

After that, 56-year-old miscreant was taken into custody and now awaits trial. While protecting Salazar claims that he was falsely accused, and he was the victim of a “witch hunt”.

It is noteworthy that the neighbors did not even know that the house is a sex slave.

in which involved young women who were interested in Gothic literature and traditions.

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