Sex with “Miss Azerbaijan” and its casino in jail: became the famous Top 10 facts about “the thief in…

Секс с "Мисс Азербайджан" и свое казино в тюрьме: стали известны Топ-10 фактов о "воре в...

While in Ukraine, President Vladimir Zelensky only going to jail “thieves in law”, his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin signed a similar law in April, and now law enforcement and the courts have the right to punish not law-abiding citizens for belonging in the higher class of thieves.

However, that is not reflected to a large extent on the criminal authorities in Russia: they continue their activities without experiencing significant difficulties in this.

And one of the most famous “thieves in law”, the applicant for a rank “the leader of the thieves” world — Nadir Salifov named Guli, who has a big brother to the family clan, consisting of three brothers.

Trying to understand the dubious “success” of the clan, Russian media have compiled a list of 10 facts that most impressed them in activities Guli and his criminal associates.

This is stated in the material edition “mediacracy”.

Fact # 1

Nadir Salifov is azebraijan by birth, although he was born in Georgian Dmanisi in August 1972. His family had many children, but most of all Guli became friends with his younger brothers — Namik and Mushfiq.

Fact # 2

After the birth of the ghouls, his family moved to Azerbaijan, and by 1995, when the Nadir Salifov was 22, he had become famous for looting, robbery, extortion, kidnapping, for which young people and first time got for a lattice for 15 years. Five years after him, in absentia, was given the title of thief in law.

Fact # 3

Godfathers Guli steel Raul Kiria and Gazelle Aslanov. The coronation took place in the wild, and without the Nadir Salifov, who was behind bars.

Fact # 4

Guli was sitting in a comfortable environment. In addition to good living conditions, he managed to arrange in his cell nastojawee underground casino, where the evening playing poker, and, as in the present institution, in a prison casino not without beautiful ladies, among whom was “Miss Azerbaijan”.

During the trial in this case, dismissed by the time the guards told me that women used violence against Salifou was prosecuted under the relevant article. Women, however, said that the meeting was voluntary, agreed and paid amounts 400 – $ 500, and they have no complaints. Then charges the ghouls were taken, but the period of serving in prison for other crimes have been increased to 27 years.

Fact # 5

Despite the fact that Nadir Salifov was in jail, his attorneys continued to work on the outside. In the end, the income of criminal authority was constantly increased by extortion, blackmail, kidnapping. It is known that Guli had organized the kidnapping of the businessman from Tolyatti Kamala gulueva in 2015, and then — the Moscow businessman Hakmet Salayev in 2017.

Fact # 6

Directly from prison Guli began to control the markets due to the presence of phone, Internet and loyal henchmen. So, he took control of the markets of Sverdlovsk, Saratov and Samara regions, and then St. Petersburg and Moscow. However, in the capital he got in the way of Zaur Aliyev held the post of looking. However, in 2014 Aliyev was arrested. He was taken to a special chamber, where it was waited by accomplices Nadir. Henchmen brutally beat a prisoner and stated that he no longer controls the market.

Fact # 7

In early 2010-ies Guli participated in the so called “dill” war against Rovshan Lankaranski, whom he does not share the green market in the largest cities of Russia. For the right to have the income from this trade, one after another were shot by the Azerbaijani authorities.

Fact # 8

In 2003, the Nadir of Salifou almost lost its status as a kingpin of that clashing with him Rovshan Lankaran sent to prison letter in which has notified its decision to deprive Salifou title. However, he stood up for the Grandfather Hassan, and the ghouls did not forgive the offender his attack, and he sent out a message on the deprivation status of Lenkoran, and in 2016 he was killed.

Fact # 9

Guli was released on parole in October 2017, when the end of his official term was five years. As it happened, given the negative characteristics of the thief in the law, is unknown.

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Fact # 10

First Guli went to Turkey and now he lives in the UAE where, according to some, will not be able to get the Russian justice.

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As previously reported “FACTS”, the police said, how many foreign “thieves in law” caught in Ukraine over the last month and what will happen to them.

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