Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas come out of silence after abortion

Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas come out of silence after abortion

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After learning that one of their twins has Down's syndrome, Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas have made a difficult decision. Now back from the hospital and after a few days of absence, the future parents have come out of silence.

Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas announced they were expecting twins a few weeks ago. A happy newsthat the expectant parents were thrilled to announce to their community. But things didn't quite go as planned. At the very beginning of the pregnancy, the young woman had difficulty accepting it. However, after a few days, she seemed perfectly happy to welcome her first children alongside her darling. Unfortunately, the couple had to face a new complication. Shanna and Jonathan learned that one of their twins could have Down syndrome. And after several tests, the verdict is in. One of the babies is indeed affected by this chromosomal anomaly. The couple said they had to make a choice: stop their child's heart or keep it.

Since the beginning of the pregnancy, Shann and Jonathanconstantly share news with their subscribers through videos on their Youtube channel. After this sad news, the future parents therefore received a huge wave of support. Giving them the courage to announce their decision afterwards. They explained in the video:We have decided to keep only one child. It’s not easy because her heart will stop. There is still one that will be born and it’s a chance”. A real shockfor their community. After revealing their choice, Shanna and Jonathan therefore took many negative reviews in the head. However, the couple remains strong and solid in the face of this more than complicated situation. The two young people have broken the silence on their Instagram account, after a few days of absence.

Shanna and Jonathan come out of the silence after the abortion

Reassure the fans, Shanna and Jonathan seem to be doing well. At least, physically. After making the decision to stop their baby's heart, the couple went to the hospital. According to them, the abortion was scheduled for June 12. And it looks like Shann did have an abortion. Indeed, the future parents had been absent from their respective social networks for several days. This Wednesday, June 15, the lovers are finally out of silence. They posted a particularly touching snapshot of them in the hospital. Indeed, they appear united and entwined, with the caption: “We need a lot of rest but we are coming back very quickly. Thank you again for all your support. And a detail has not escaped internet users. A bandage appears on Shann's rounded belly. We can therefore assume that the intervention did indeed take place.

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