Shanna Kress back after her IMG: she rants against the haters

Shanna Kress back after her IMG: she rants against the haters

Shann Kress is officially back on social media after her medically terminated pregnancy, which isn't to everyone's liking. Neither one nor two, the reality TV candidate then ranted against the haters on June 19, 2022.

Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas have gone through a very difficult ordeal. While the two reality TV candidates had happily announced that they were expecting twins, they learned that one of their babies potentially had Down's syndrome. After extensive examinations and amniocentesis, the couple had confirmation and made the choice to have recourse to a medical termination of pregnancy and to keep only one child. For several days, the future parents were walled in silence before finally coming back and explaining everything abouttheir YouTube channel, as they have become accustomed to since Shanna Kress found out she was pregnant.

Little by little, Shanna and Jonathan resume the course of their life. And on June 19, 2022, the young woman who is officially back on social media, said in her Instagram story: “It's weird to resume stories, but you have to. We're taking our life back slowly, slowly. We start to have a little smile again, we have to. We really wanted to thank everyone because it's true that it was a complicated moment, but many of you sent us a lot of messages of support and frankly it was only positive and it meant a lot to us. well so really thank you all. It’s to tell you that we’re going to slowly resume our life, our stories and everything we were doing. »

Shanna Kress mad at haters

However, some people don't understand this comeback. Criticized by the haters, Shanna Kress therefore uttered a rant: “For all the people who send us negative or mean messages because we are trying to resume a life sorry for disappoint you but we will have to move on. This does not prevent us from always thinking about everything we have experienced. So yes I'm back to music, yes we're going to travel, yes we're going to smile. Yes Christopher (the name of the missing baby, editor's note) will always be in our hearts and believe me that I think about it every day because he is with us! Otherwise thank you again to all those who support us once again. Luckily you are really there. »

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