Sharon Stone spoke about the experience after unsuccessful pregnancies: “Women are forced to endure it alone and in secret, with a sense of failure”


Sharon Stone talks about the experience of failed pregnancies:

Sharon Stone

Actress Sharon Stone told how she survived unsuccessful pregnancies that ended in miscarriage. The “Basic Instinct” star commented on People's Instagram post* where dancer Peta Murgatroyd talked about losing her baby in a miscarriage.

Women don't have a dedicated forum to discuss the depth of that loss. I lost nine children in a miscarriage, — wrote Sharon Stone.

She noted that women have to cope with this problem alone, although at this moment they especially need support.

This is not a trifle, either physically or emotionally. But we have to endure it alone, in secret, and with some sense of failure, instead of getting the much-needed compassion, empathy, and healing we so desperately need. Women's health and well-being, left to the care of a male ideology, has become weak and brutally oppressed. Sharon Stone has three adopted children. The actress adopted her eldest son, Roen, in 2000, when she was married to San Francisco Chronicle editor Phil Bronstein. In 2003, Bronstein filed for divorce, and custody of Roen was awarded to him.

In 2005, Stone adopted another child, the son of Laird, and a year later — Quinn's youngest son. The actress raised her sons herself.

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