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Shaun of the Dead is 20 years old: discover 3 secrets of filming this legendary film

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Certain films have left their mark on the history of the seventh art. The production of a feature film, however, relies on a fragile balance that is often unknown to the general public. From casting to scenario choices, through enmities or moments of grace, the destiny of a nugget could sometimes have been very different. Here are 3 secrets from filming Shaun of the Dead by Edgar Wright which brings together the famous duo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

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Difficulties writing

Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg were responsible for writing the screenplay of the film. Except that the latter were until now used to working in the series format with their great classic Spaced broadcast on Channel 4.

< p>Having a 90-minute format is very different from a 30-minute episode. Quoted by the magazine Empire, Simon Pegg explains: “We discovered that we don't&#8217 We weren't going to write three consecutive episodes of a sitcom… we had to write something different”.

The idea for Shaun of the Dead came from an episode of Spaced

It was on an episode of their sitcom, which has become a great classic, that the idea for this feature film was born. In the third episode of the first season, we can see Tim, the character played by Simon Pegg, using drugs and starting a game of Resident Evil 2.

He he then begins to hallucinate and imagines the arrival of zombies. He and Edgar Wright enjoyed the experience and it was there that the desire to create a comedy dedicated to them began to emerge in their minds.

Edgar Wright was quite pessimistic about the film's chances of success

The development of Shaun of the Dead did not has not been a long, quiet river. In fact, the Film4 company which was overseeing the project dropped the deal midway through, so Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg had to look for other interested parties.

Edgar Wright thus evokes a very complicated year 2002 with real uncertainty as to the possibility of being able to shoot this feature film. Working Title eventually got going and production began in March 2003.

That's all for this week. Did you appreciate this feature film when it was released in the cinema or did you discover it late in life?? Don't hesitate to remind us of your memories in the comments. If you liked the article, you can always find the previous part of this section here.

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