“She hates Ukraine”: Zibrov criticized Povaliy for her attitude to the war (video)

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The artist was outraged that Povaliy performed at a concert in front of Russian generals while Russia was bombing her home country.

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Ukrainian artist Pavel Zibrov, in an interview with TV presenter Grigory Reshetnik, spoke about his current relationship with singer Taisiya Povaliy. According to him, after 28 years of friendship, he could not even imagine that the Ukrainian artist would perform at concerts in Moscow at a time when the Russian army invaded her native country.

Zibrov admitted that after 2014, their relationship with Povaliy began to cool – according to the artist, in her speeches he noticed “not very good” rhetoric about Ukraine.

“And on May 9 … A concert from” Kremlyovka “- all the generals, colonels are in uniform, and Taya comes out to sing the song” Mother of mine. “I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. I think:” What are you doing? ” Well, she said would have already that the finger is broken or something with the throat. Lie, but don't do it, “said Zibrov.

This case shocked the artist so much that at every opportunity he began to “wet” Povaliy and her husband, producer Igor Likhuta. The performer was even more outraged by the fact that Taisiya Povaliy has a passport of Ukraine and quietly travels around Europe, where he immediately becomes a “patriot”.

“Povaliy has a passport of Ukraine, which she hates. They go to Vienna, where They let them in, they give them tickets, and they immediately become “Ukrainians”, “patriots”… That's what makes me feel bad,” Zibrov admitted.

He would like the Ukrainian a passport so that nothing reminds them of Ukraine, which gave people like Povaliy everything, including fame.

On May 10, the son of Ukrainian People's Artist Taisiya Povaliy commented on his mother's performance at a concert dedicated to Victory Day 2022, which took place within the walls of the Kremlin. On the pages of social networks, he asked not to identify him with his mother and wrote that he personally had nothing to do with “this story.”

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