She-Hulk: Why Daredevil's Return Is Perfectly Messed Up

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Daredevil was eagerly awaited by Marvel fans, and here he is in She-Hulk: Lawyer much to our regret.

Since Spider-Man: No Way Home and the whirlwind cameo of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, then the ultra disappointing return of Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk in Hawkeye, the public was waiting for Marvel at the turn on the subject of Daredevil. So when the promotion for She-Hulk started, announcing an appearance of the Man Without Fear, we were happy, then we saw the first episodes of the Disney+ series, and we were scared.

After seven weeks of dismay at the assumed stupidity of She-Hulk, Daredevil arrived in the eighth episode. Result of a disastrous marketing, this crappy entry of the hero in the MCUcould not fulfill the expectations of the spectators more badly before Daredevil: Born Again. Spoiler alert!

Our review of the eighth episode of She-Hulk

red as a clown's nose

Even though Marvel just unveiled the successful and frightening Werewolf by Night on Disney+, its MCU, since Endgame, rather sinks into humor faster than an alcoholic in his morning drink. Thor: Love and Thunder adapted an incredibly mythological comic book into a vast farce where Thor is as stupid as his shouting goats. Same treatment for Moon Knight, a tormented character with unpredictable excesses of violence who becomes a joke drawer on dissociative identity disorders in his series. This weariness in front of this massacre in order of heroes and intrigues that could change the face of the MCU, the arrival of Daredevil at Marvel could have erased it (a little).

It's all this context that justifies the disappointment – unfortunately not surprisingly – around Daredevil in She-Hulk. However, in comics, Matt Murdock is a solar character and quick to joke. Tortured and brutal stories do not form the essence of his adventures at all. But was this the development we expected from Marvel after Netflix's excellent and violent series? Certainly not.

The MCU already has its share of comedians and light characters, so the Red Devil would have brought a darkness that Marvel is sorely lacking. This adaptation against the grain of expectations should have benefited from a whole project to expose the intentions of the studio, rather than us spreading a glimpse in the series of another. To top it off, no information about Daredevil: Born Again is given, its appearance at the screenplay justification of a tiring nullity only serves to bring the public to She-Hulk , and that's the saddest part.

big game fishing

This grinning version of the Horned Devil was bound to eat the ground up, as his early announcement of She-Hulk's promotion was a failed communication idea. Is it a lack of confidence from Marvel in the series which displayed a comic tone, even satirical (even if it is not funny)? Or the studio's eternal gift for revealing everythingin order to be sure that the spectator is attracted by what he is certain to see? Probably a mixture of the two since Marvel even uploaded a scene with Daredevil the evening before the episode concerning him aired. A surefire way to euthanize surprise, but guarantee fans will watch the episode.

By introducing Daredevil like this, She-Hulk was overshadowed by the studio, which torpedoed the intention of the series in passing. In true admission of failure, the heroine mocks the expectation of fans in each episode, assuming that she only exists to prepare for the return of the vigilante in red. An aberration when She-Hulk carries a feminist message, repeatedly criticizing the daily treatment of women whose image of their physique does not belong to them.

She-Hulk was basically a long fishing rod with Daredevil as a rickety maggot at the end. Now that the bait is gone, there remains the final She-Hulk episode that no one will watch.

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