Sheryfa Luna, PZK, Koxie, Jena Lee … Where are they now?

We heard them a lot in the 2000s, but since then, it's almost radio silence!

A few days ago we announced the Billboard ranking of the week with Taylor Swift, Juice WRLD or even Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. Today, we are talking about music and in particular artists about whom we don't have too much news. You necessarily ambiancé.e on these sounds when you were younger … Sheryfa Luna, PZK, Colonel Reyel, whether on your MP3 player, on a CD or even YouTube, you certainly killed yourself. to listen to these artists repeatedly to know their words by heart. So what happened to these artists who disappeared from the radar? Here is the news that we have had.

Sheryfa Luna

In 2007, Sheryfa Luna won Popstar's fourth show and immediately became a star. She had the words and got her audience hooked … You caught what music we were talking about, obviously “He had the words” which allowed her to take off. She subsequently released four albums, the last dating from 2012. Since then, she has made a few appearances on TV, notably in Fort Boyard and Splash : le grand plongeon. On the music side, she has participated in several projects including the Tropical Family compilation where she covered Axelle Red's “Sensuality” and released a single, “Egoïste” in 2018. Today, Sheryfa Luna is the mother of two boys.


We dedicate this song to the handsome kid that you are … The group PZK was formed in 2005 and died in 2014. They were very successful in 2009 with the release of their first album PZK , in which we find moreover “The girls adore” . This album won a gold record in France. They then released La Loi de la Jungle , their second and last album with a flagship track, “Chuis bo” . Their last singles date back to 2014 and are titled “Chieuse” and “Soleil” . If you feel nostalgic, we have good news for you, the PZK will be present at the Delta Festival at the end of September alongside Bob Sinclar, Romeo Elvis or even Vini Vici.

Jena lee

In 2007, Jena Lee began her artistic career by composing songs including “Somewhere” , sung by Sheryfa Luna. She then writes six of the thirteen songs on her album. It was in 2008 that Jena Lee decided to stand on her own feet by launching her own career as a singer-songwriter. In 2009, she released her first album Thank You and her single, “I would like so much” , which ranked at the top of physical single sales in France for eleven weeks. The following year, she sang in a duet with the group Eskemo, the French soundtrack of Twilight entitled “Eternise-moi” that we find in her second and last album, My reference . In short, since then, Jena Lee continues to write and compose songs for several artists. She announced last April on her Insta account that she was preparing a new album.


Admit that in the playground you sang all the time with your friends “you know that boy, if you take off the cedilla, it's boyish and watch out for idiots my girl, watch out for idiots” . Now, that was the easy little insult the girls said to the boys. And that, thanks / because of Koxie. She was first revealed on the Internet in 2007, with her title “Boy” . In total, she will release two albums and four singles. Her career ended in 2012. Koxie, of her first name Laure, bounced back very quickly by becoming one of the radio hosts of the Virgin Tonic show on Virgin Radio from 2014 to 2017. She then joined Manu's team in on 6/9 on NRJ which she will leave after one season.


Pauline, author, composer, performer, released her first album in 2007 entitled Allô le monde , and is taking off thanks to her song bearing the same name. This title quickly became a hit in the summer of 2008, selling more than 100,000 copies. She then continued her career by opening for Gad Elmaleh at the Olympia. In 2010, she released her second album Life on the Good Side , and in 2013, The Best of Us , which is intended to be her last album. Today, Pauline would be preparing her fourth album after seven years of absence.

Melissa M

She had participated in Seed of Star . Do you remember this R'n'B singer? Melissa M was mainly known for her singles “With all my love”, “Benthi”, “Elle”, “This time” or even “Whatever you say” . She released two albums, one in 2007 titled With All My Love , and another ten years later called Unfinished . In the meantime, she has done some collaborations including “Too Many Words” with Kenza Farah and Léa Castel.

Colonel Reyel

“Every night I think of you, every night I dream of the two of us” . We're a bit past the 2000s, but he started in 2010 with his first single “He. ..”. After a great success, in 2011 he released his first album Au rapport which sold more than 200,000 copies in France. In 2012, the second Soldat of Love album was released and … it was a flop. The album sold less than 10,000 copies. And, great surprise, it is in 2020 that the singer returns with his third album entitled One Love . Finally, we invite you to discover which sounds have pierced through TikTok right here!

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