“She’s a junkie, strung-out went”: the network pounced on selling cars I

Russian actress Natalia Bochkareva after the deprivation of rights in connection with the scandal with the cocaine to sell his Cadillac Escalade.

She calls it “legendary” because it was in the car she was stopped by law enforcement.

It is noted that the known role of Dasha Bukina actress refused to undergo medical examination for intoxication, in connection with which the court decided to deprive of its driving licence for 20 months.

In addition, Bochkareva have to pay 30 thousand rubles (about 12 thousand hryvnias) fine.

According to the actress, now her favorite car “bored with nothing to do” and because she sells it.

It is interesting that, according to recent reports, the Cadillac Escalade is at least three times got into an accident, and I was already about 70 reports of violations of traffic rules.

It is worth noting that this situation has caused strong criticism in the network.

“So she’s a junkie, stoned went”, among other things, write in the comments.

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