“She's not in boubou already”: this sentence of a columnist towards Rachel Keke is controversial

“ She's not in boubou already”: this sentence of a columnist against Rachel Keke is controversial

Present last night on the set of TPMP, Elisabeth Lévy shocks the columnists. His comments about Rachel Keke do not pass.

Guest last night by Cyril Hanouna, Elisabeth Lévy returns to her comment about Rachel Keke. Rachel Keke, a member of the left-wing Nupes coalition, is a member of the French left-wing party La France insoumise. Of Ivorian origin, former maid, she took her first steps in the National Assembly on Tuesday, June 21. As she stands in front of the Palais Bourbon, she takes zouk steps, declaring: “When you win, you have to express yourself in the dance“. It was on the broadcast of this moment that Elisabeth Lévy commented live on the set of L’heure des pros 2: “Well, she's not in a boubou already. »

Shocking and racist remarks for Gilles Verdez and Matthieu Delormeau. As the debate opposes Adama Traoré and Elisabeth Lévy, Gilles Verdez intervenes by saying: “There for me you went much too far… When we watch the broadcast live, it comes out spontaneously on the boubou. There, we see that spontaneously, you express what you feel. And that's doubly racist. He explains that it is not only racist because she is a person of color and that in addition Elisabeth Lévy attacks her on the traditional outfit that is the boubou.

The tone is on set

Matthieu Delormeau supports Gilles Verdez's comments. He even goes further, because he criticizes the trial of intention that Elisabeth Lévy had against the deputy. “She would have arrived at the Assembly in a boubou, you could have said that ‘I am shocked that’. There, she is not in boubou and you still say happy that she is not in boubou. This sentence is totally racist. on the set of TPMP. “Anyway, as soon as you say something, it's racist…Those accusations of racism actually don't affect me anymore. She goes on to explain that the National Assembly should not be the place for the expression of community belonging. A justification that did not convince many people on the set, especially Gilles Verdez who again reminded him that Rachel Keke“did not arrive in a boubou.

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