Ship of Fools: first video game developed by Fika Productions

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Ship of Fools  : first video game developed by Fika Productions

“Ship of Fools”, from the Fika Productions studio, was developed in Quebec.

The Fika studio Productions, based in Quebec, launches its new video game on Tuesday Ship of Fools. Developed entirely in Quebec, this game is an action-packed adventure aimed at lovers of cooperative games or roguelites.

The roguelite is a popular style of play – think of The Binding of Isaac, Hades or Dead Cells in which players must complete the adventure in one go. On each failure, the game starts over and the level settings are randomly recreated.

Players must defend against different sea creatures.

Set in the heart of a naval universe, Ship of Foolswill force players to be creative and cooperative to survive the various perilous courses they will face.

As the story progresses, it is possible to improve your gear to defend against multiple waves of enemies.

Different stages intersect the story.

Newly installed in their premises in the Saint-Roch district, the nine members of the Fika Productions team have been working on this project for three years now.

However, their work has already been rewarded in 2020, by winning the Grand Final of the Catapult acceleration program. They were also big winners of the National Bank's Coup de Cœur Prize in the Ubisoft Indie Series in 2021.

Fika also scored a hat trick at MEGAMIGS 2022, Quebec's premier video game event, winning awards for Audio and Music, Art Direction and Achievement, and Game Design. game.

Antoine Grégoire-Slight, president of Fika Productions, is proud to present this first game from the independent studio. Developed entirely in the Capitale-Nationale, this opus is published by Team17, a well-known British company in the global video game industry.

“This is a huge step forward for a small gang from Quebec like us who are launching their first game. makes it possible to hit hard on a global scale for a first launch. »

— Antoine Grégoire-Slight, president of Fika Productions

The Fika Productions team during MEGAMIGS 2022. Antoine Grégoire-Slight is in the lower right corner.

In fact, Team17 and Fika Productions have worked together in what relates to the marketing plan, localization (adapting the content according to the marketed region) and marketing.

Ship of Fools is available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and Playstation 5.

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