Shonen Jump puts an end to one of the most promising new series

Shonen Jump puts an end to one of the most promising new series

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You have certainly heard of the Hell’s Paradise series, available at Kazé? But did you know that its author, KAKU Yūji, had launched a new series called Ayashimon? Well know that the Shonen Jumpjust discontinued it.

To be published in the same as One Piece, My Hero Academiaor Black Cloveris both an honor and a real trap for mangakas. Indeed, faced with behemoths, it can be complicated to succeed in convincing readers. It is therefore not uncommon for the Japanese publisher Shueisha to decide to stop the serialization of certain series if the enthusiasm of fans is not there. And one of the most promising series has just paid the price.

KAKU Yûji had met with success with his series Hell’s Paradisethrough online serialization on the Manga Plus app. Yet, in the latest issue of the preprint magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, fans learned about the stunning decision of the editor Shueisha. Indeed, the Japanese publishing house has decided to stop the serialization of the manga Ayashimon, also created by KAKU Yûji, before the story can even begin.

Ayashimon: A premature end to a fort manga potential

Following the decision of Shueisha, Ayashimon will finally only have 25 chapters. Despite the story's enormous potential, it clearly failed to appeal to fans. Ayashimon focused on a young man named Maruo. The latter, an obsessive manga fan, dreams of only one thing: to become a hero, just like his favorite manga characters. To do this, Maruo has trained to the point that he finds himself in the same situation as Saitama from One Punch Man: his fights are far too easy. But the young man will quickly realize that he has the possibility of satisfying his ambitions as a fighter by joining forces with Urara, the boss of a Yakuza gang.

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