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Shooting at Lewiston, in the United States: dozens of victims, the gun expert suspect

Robert Card, 40, is suspected of of having opened fire in the town of Lewiston, Maine, in a bowling alley and then in a restaurant. The man specialized in firearms Fired and possibly suffering from mental disorders is still on the run.

The United States is once again facing a challenge. the horror of a massive killing perpetrated by firearms. fire, probably by an unbalanced individual. A man, identified as Robert Card, 40, shot dead at least 22 people and injured between 50 and 60 on Wednesday October 25 in the town of Lewiston, a town of nearly 36,000 inhabitants located in the state of Maine. Here's what we know:

The essentials

  • What happened:An individual opened fire in Lewiston, first at a bowling alley and then at a restaurant, according to Lewiston police. Local authorities said the shooting began ; around 7 p.m. local time. Lewiston is located just outside the city. approximately 50 kilometers from Portland.
  • Who is the suspect?Lewiston police identified Robert Card, 40, as a suspect, saying the man should be “considered armed and dangerous.” A manhunt is currently underway to find him. Maine authorities said It has been reported in American media that Robert Card is a certified instructor. in arms fire, he is expert in the handling of certain weapons. He is also a member of the US Army Reserve. Man is not mixed with à He has been involved in court cases with only two speeding incidents recorded in state court records in 2001 and 2002 when he was an engineering student at the University of Texas. University of Maine. The suspect was seen dressed in brown clothes, holding a high-powered assault rifle.
  • Mental disorders?Robert Card has behaved strangely in recent months according to the Maine Information and Analysis Center cited by NBC. He himself would have mentioned “health problems” mental" and says "hearing voices". He would also have threatened to shoot at a National Guard base in Maine. Robert Card was intern for two weeks during the summer, but has been circulating freely since. CNN indicates that his current mental state is unknown.
  • Shooting in Lewiston, United States: dozens of victims, the suspect is a firearms expert

  • The suspect Leak:He allegedly left in a small white SUV with a front bumper that was painted black, Maine State Police confirmed. that it was the suspect's car. The suspect being considered as dangerous, hunting The man in progress mobilizes "literally hundreds of police officers working across the state of Maine on the case" said Mike Sauschuck, the man in charge of security. Public Education of Maine. It is requested residents to continue to work shelter in place.
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