Shooting of the second part of Dune has started in Budapest


The filming of the second part of Dune has started in Budapest

The director of the fantastic epic has officially started to the shooting of the continuation of the popular film.

Filming of the second part of Denis Villeneuve's Oscar-winning film Dune has begun in Budapest. This is reported by Warner Bros on Twitter.

The second part of this fantastic picture tells about the fascinating journey of Paul Atreides, who wants to take revenge on the conspirators for his family. However, the hero will have to choose between love and saving the universe, preventing a terrible future that only he can foresee.

As for the actors, Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya and Javier Bardem will return to the main roles. At the same time, such actors as Christopher Walken, Austin Butler, Florence Pugh and Lea Seydoux will join the film crew.

At the moment, the premiere of the second part of the film is scheduled for November 17, 2023.

Earlier it was reported that Amazon published a full-fledged trailer for the Lord of the Rings series online.


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