Shops in Poland may be closed. For what reason


Meteorologists have been predicting the coming heat wave for some time, which will hit our country in the second half of July.

Shops in Poland they may be closed. For what reason

It will be a repeat of a month ago. If we believe the long-term weather forecasts, we should expect temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius.

Will the heat be a pretext for further restrictions in the economy?

The problems and restrictions related to The plan they describe, which is being implemented successively, may be associated in September with another introduction of lockdown and the announcement of further waves of plague.

Before this happens, however, we are already preparing to limit access to the products in the store due to the expected heat. As Goniec reports, the limitations in the shop's operations during the period of increased temperatures are to be related to the consumption of electricity, which would increase.

Years ago, the heat was never a problem, but now it is a pretext to introduce further restrictions leading to a significant reduction in the activities of shops. A problem was noticed consisting in the introduction of the necessity to limit the use of electricity, including the commercial department, office buildings and warehouses.

As we know, previously the limitation of electricity consumption applied only to the industrial sector. Therefore, the Ministry of Climate and Environment received a letter from, among others, the Polish Council of Commercial Centers, the Polish Association of Developers, and the Polish Trade and Distribution Organization.

A huge problem was highlighted in the document that may arise the moment many entities are forced to stop their operations, in the form of billions in losses and claims against the Treasury – companies must reduce their electricity consumption, but the benchmark is the levels from night hours, when most devices are not working and the air conditioning is working on the minimum level of […] the calculated average energy consumption from the last months take into account the periods of constraints caused by the pandemic, when centers or offices worked at lower […] revolutions, […] relating this to the current situation is divorced from the reality – we read in writing.


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