Shoreline protection fine to jump to $50,000 in Prince Edward Island

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Shoreline protection: Fine to jump to $50,000 at Prince Edward Island

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Oyster farmer Robbie Moore said in May 2022 that a mudslide where a neighbor cut down trees ruined his oyster beds.

The Government of Prince Edward Island intends to increase the maximum amount of the fine for damage to the buffer zone along the coasts and waterways of Province. The fine would increase from $3,000 to $50,000.

The province has protected these buffer zones since the late 1990s. near water.

But low fines don't always deter coastal property buyers from cutting down trees, says Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Action Steven Myers. The problem is becoming more and more serious every day.

Raising the fine is a first step to addressing the problem of lack of compliance with shoreline protection laws, according to the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Action, Steven Myers.

Minister Myers recalls that an oyster farmer lost hundreds of thousands of oysters in April due to a mudslide where a neighbor had cut trees.

Our laws are willfully ignored. Basically, we don't care, says Steven Myers.

In this particular case, the minister says, the government sought legal advice.

His government is using other means to convince stakeholders to abide by the rules. According to the Minister, all builders have been warned that they will lose their license if they do work in the buffer zones.

Steven Myers adds that the climate change adaptation plan prepared by his ministry is at the draft stage and that he hopes to make it public within a few weeks.

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The Brackley Beach dune before and after Fiona.

The plan will address the coastal environment, housing development, public infrastructure and hurricanes, he explains.

The Minister is planning an impressive document that will give the public a clearer idea of ​​what is possible in the context of climate change.

Based on a report by Isabelle Gallant, CBC

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