Shortage of health personnel: “People's lives are at stake”, warns the NDP


Shortage of health workers: “People's lives are at stake”, warns NPD

The NDP leader calls the situation a “national crisis” and calls for urgent action by Ottawa.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh attacked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's “leadership” by asking for solutions to resolve the crisis in the health care system.

It's a warning cry from Jagmeet Singh to increase the pressure on the Trudeau government in the thorny issue of health and the lack of personnel in the network.

The NDP leader once again challenged the Prime Minister on “one of the direct consequences” of his lack of leadership: the lives of people who are unable to access the care they need. they need, Mr. Singh summed up, hardening his tone.

“Is [the government] willing to pay this price? That's what's at stake, and it's a significant cost.

— NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh

Mr. Singh's exit comes on the heels of a series of service cuts, closures and downsizing beds available, particularly in Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec where the situation in emergency rooms is also worrying.

Emergency departments in Newfoundland and Labrador hospitals experience regular service disruptions.

The NDP has continued to make numerous statements to the press in recent months to castigate the government's inaction in the face of the generalized crisis that is shaking the health network across Canada.

The NDP opposition's last wake-up call dates back to July 11, when Mr. Singh denounced a passive government [which] refuses to act despite Justin Trudeau's campaign promise to Canadians to improve and expand the health care system, the opposition noted.

The prime minister must show up to negotiate with the provinces and territories, Singh said. He can't pretend this discussion can wait while people spend hours waiting for care in emergency rooms and frontline workers are exhausted.

The leader of the NDP repeated the same message on Thursday, alongside Cathryn Hoy, the president of the Ontario Nurses Association, who was able to attest verbally to the bloodless state of health network as a representative of a large part of the nursing staff.

“I'm Canadian and I believe in public health care. Your salary should not determine whether you have the right to receive care or, to be frank, whether you have the right to live or die.

— Cathryn Hoy, President of the Nurses Association of Ontario

At the heart of their demands: the increase in health transfers to the provinces and a necessary overhaul of immigration processes to speed up the hiring of qualified personnel, but unfit to work in Canada, denounced Jagmeet Singh and Cathryn Hoy.

Cathryn Hoy is President of the Association of Nurses and Ontario Nurses.

There are many internationally trained health care workers who need advanced standing, who want to work in Canada but face barriers, whether it's because of immigration, qualification or recognition of their international training, Singh explained. We need to recognize this [and have] a federal approach to expedite applications.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, the New Democrat leader urges the Liberal government to help provinces and territories recognize the credentials of foreign-trained doctors, nurses and specialists.

< p class="e-p">In Ontario, 15,000 internationally trained nurses are waiting for their files to be processed, Singh said. Processing their case would immediately make a difference to hospitals across the province, he said.

The NDP also recalls that better resources allocated to long-term care homes would make it possible to unclog hospitals by transferring patients who can benefit from them.

The feds need to be pushed to keep their promises, Singh added, to hire more workers for these homes and raise their wages to at least $25 an hour.

In mid-July, the premiers of Canada's ten provinces and three territories, meeting in British Columbia, called for a meeting with Justin Trudeau to discuss health transfers . They want the federal government to increase its share of health care funding from 22% to 35%, which would be an increase of $28 billion a year.

The federal government has a role to play, Prime Minister Trudeau must show himself, he was not present when the premiers asked for this meeting, also denounced Mr. Singh, in the hope to obtain a reaction from the head of government.


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