Shot memories: Ukraine issued postcards with war-destroyed monuments of architecture


The Ukrainian Institute of Memory, together with USAID, launched the international campaign “Postcards from Ukraine”, which will show the world the destroyed cultural monuments of our country, ZN reports.

Shot memories: Ukraine releases postcards with war-torn architectural monuments

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The purpose of the campaign is to tell about the damage to Ukrainian culture that was caused by bombing and shelling by Russian invaders during a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The Postcards from Ukraine project aims to record and demonstrate the damage caused to Ukrainian culture by Russian troops . Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, they have destroyed more than 388 historical, architectural and archaeological monuments of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States reports.

More than 100 postcards about cultural heritage sites from different corners of Ukraine.

Postcards will be issued in Ukrainian and English, each will tell the story of a particular monument. You can get acquainted with the postcards on the project website, which will be constantly updated. Information can be searched by filters: region, date when the monument was built or destroyed, the type of object and its status, as well as the type of weapon that hit it.

“The malicious, targeted destruction of Ukrainian cultural monuments by Russia is a huge loss for Ukraine, Europe and the whole world. In an attempt to erase the culture and history of Ukraine, the Kremlin seeks to erase the very notion of a Ukrainian nation. The goal of the Postcards from Ukraine project is to show the world the real face of the unprovoked and unjustified war that Russia unleashed against Ukraine, the Ukrainian people and Ukrainian culture,” said James Hope, Director of the USAID Mission to Ukraine.

Russia is not just destroying Ukrainian cities and villages, but systematically destroying Ukrainian cultural heritage. This is evidence of the war, the purpose of which – erase the Ukrainian people from its roots to the present. The initiators of the project call on active citizens to tell the world about the destruction of Ukrainian culture by distributing postcards on social networks with the hashtag #PostcardsFromUkraine.

One of the postcards depicts the Palace of Labor in Kharkiv.

The Palace of Labor is an extraordinary building in the architectural ensemble of Constitution Square in Kharkov. The house was built in 1916 to be rented out to an insurance company. The architect of the future Palace of Labor, Hippolyte Pretreo, combined modernity with neoclassicism in the design of a rental house.

Having seized power in Ukraine, the Bolsheviks declared the Palace of Labor state property. After that, various Soviet institutions were located here, such as the All-Ukrainian Council of Trade Unions and the People's Commissariat of Labor. The Soviet authorities shot the architect of the Palace in 1937. Nevertheless, his creation continued to exist: the Palace of Labor withstood both the red Soviet terror and the Nazi occupation.

However, during the brutal war of Russia against Ukraine in the spring of 2022, a Russian airstrike destroyed Constitution Square , damaging the facades, windows and roof of the Palace of Labor.

The descendants of those who killed the architect Pretreo decided to destroy his architectural heritage, which existed at the junction of styles and now – at the junction of eras that divided the world of the early 21st century into “before ” and “after”.

Everything that kept memories can now become a memory itself.

“Tell the world about the destruction of Ukrainian culture – share postcards in social networks with the hashtag #PostcardsFromUkraine”, – asked representatives of the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States.


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