Should the basic military service return in Poland? There are first statements on this topic

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Will compulsory conscription return?

 Should basic military service return in Poland. There are first statements on this subject

According to the portal “Wirtualna Polska”, some European countries decided to restore basic military service after Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine. This topic returns also in Poland. What do the specialists say? The answer may come as a surprise to many.

Wages return in many countries

Although Europeans were only recently able to enjoy peace, the situation changed on February 24 this year. year, when Russia's armed invasion of Ukraine began. The sense of security we had so far has been shaken. Some countries, in response to the conflict in Ukraine, decided to reinstate military service.

There are also voices in our country that it would be worth considering such a move. The head of the Ministry of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, announced that he would like the Polish army to number 300,000. soldiers. In September this year, the Ministry of National Defense informed that we have about 112 thousand. soldiers in the operational troops and about 30,000. soldiers of the Territorial Defense Forces.

 Should basic military service be returned to Poland. There are first statements on this topic

Does it make sense to join the army?

In our country, conscription to the army was suspended in 2009. In an interview with “Wirtualna Polska”, Dr. Marcin Sińczuch does not hide that “the time of mass armies is over. Today we know that the war cannot be won by mass”.

Sieńczuch recalled that in 2014 the Ukrainians had one of the largest armies in Europe, only that the number did not translate into the country's situation in 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea and fought in the Donbas.

The sociologist noted that the restoration of conscription in Poland is quite problematic. On the one hand, we are not favored by demography, on the other hand, the problem is the reluctance of young people to join the army.

 Should basic military service return in Poland. There are first statements on this topic

It should also not be underestimated whether we actually have the infrastructure at our disposal to train conscripts in such a way that it makes more sense and serves to increase the potential of our army.

And what do you think about the return to military service? Are you in favor, or do you think that it is not the number that determines the strength of the army?

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