Show presenters in Eastern Quebec want lasting solutions | Elections Quebec 2022

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The presenters of shows in Eastern Quebec want lasting solutions | Élections Quebec 2022

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The cultural community has been damaged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two weeks before the October 3 election, broadcasters in Eastern Quebec are revealing their expectations of the next government. Concerned about the retention of labor in the regions, they want the cultural community to be better supported.

Competitive salaries and staff shortages, this is what was on the agenda for three players in the broadcasting sector in Eastern Quebec.

The general and artistic director of Rivière-du-Loup en spectacles, Frédéric Roussel, the general and artistic director of the Center de création diffusion de Gaspé, Josée Roussy and the general director of the Réseau des organizers de spectacles de l'Est-du -Quebec, Frédéric Lagacé, believe that the next government will have to set the record straight.

Frédéric Lagacé first wants workers' wages to be reviewed.

We need to have concrete measures in order to adjust the wage conditions of the workforce, among others for the personnel of the stage technique, explains it.

The president of ROSEQ, Frédéric Lagacé, in front of the Old Theater of Saint-Fabien, one of the rooms that needs repair work.

The sector is also being hit hard by labor shortages.

Sometimes you have to not choose a show, because too big an offer is in the same month, the same week. So we have to make heartbreaking choices because we don't have enough manpower to cover the working days, says Josée Roussy.

Even if they are grateful for the assistance provided by the government of Quebec during the pandemic, the presenters of shows wish that the financial support continues.

The director general of ROSEQ, Frédéric Lagacé, also asks the next government to review the method of calculating the measure aimed at aid to broadcasting, which would benefit the major broadcasters.

He points out that between 60% and 90% of funding for broadcasters comes from box office revenues, which have dropped considerably during the pandemic.

« Smaller broadcasters are underfunded.

— Frédéric Lagacé, CEO of ROSEQ

It is important that the government maintains measures in place to help these small broadcasting structures to balance themselves financially and to host major productions, he adds.

For the general and artistic director of Rivière-du-Loup en spectacles, the intervention of Quebec is necessary to cope with the rising cost of living. Otherwise, consumers will pay the price, he fears.

Broadcasters are also asking for financial assistance for the realization of cultural infrastructure projects, the costs of which have increased significantly due to the rise in the price of materials.< /p>

We have planned repair and construction costs that no longer correspond to today's reality at all . »

— Frédéric Lagacé, General Manager of ROSEQ

Finally, the director of ROSEQ recalls that show presenters are part of the economic equation of the milieus.

With information from Xavier Lacroix

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