Shutterstock will sell images created by artificial intelligence

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Shutterstock will sell images created by artificial intelligence

An image generated by the DALL-E 2 tool with the following description: “An astronaut on horseback in a photorealistic style”.

The Shutterstock image bank goes against Current competition: The company will sell images created using artificial intelligence (AI) on its platform through a closer partnership with OpenAI, the organization behind the DALL-E image generator software.

Concretely, Shutterstock will allow its customers to generate images on its platform, with the DALL-E software, by entering keywords and selecting criteria determining the desired result.

This new feature should be available in the coming months, according to a press release.

Shutterstock is also launching a program aimed at remunerating creators whose works are used by models. of IA, seeming to want to respond to the criticisms which are to be expected.

Monetization of AI-created images is controversial, as most software is trained with content scraped from the web, which may be copyrighted.

Getty Images, another image bank, for example, recently announced that it would not allow the downloading and sale of AI-generated illustrations on its platform.

There are real copyright concerns over [the images made] by these models, his boss, Craig Peters, had said.

The ways to express creativity are constantly changing and expanding, said Shutterstock CEO Paul Hennessy. We recognize that it is our responsibility to embrace this evolution and ensure that the creative technology that fuels innovation is based on ethical practices.

According to the boss of OpenAI, Sam Altman, content and data licensed from Shutterstock were instrumental in training DALL-E.

An agreement between OpenAI and Shutterstock already allowed since 2021 the sale of content and metadata from the image bank to train the AI ​​software.

Shutterstock has set up a model that allows the rights holders of the data and content used to be compensated financially.

Given the collective nature [of the creators' contribution] in [artificial intelligence] generated content, we have developed a compensation model where contributors will receive a portion of all revenue from AI generated content uploads to our platform, a spokesperson for Shutterstock to the specialized media The Verge.

The image bank will also prohibit the sale of images created by IA except those resulting from its integration of DALL-E, which cannot ensure the parameters ethics surrounding their creation.

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