Significant increase in municipal taxes in Val-des-Sources

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Increase sale of municipal taxes in Val-des-Sources

The citizens of Val-des-Sources will see their tax bill increase in 2023. (Archives)

Due to the increase expenses and loss of revenue, the City of Val-des-Sources will increase its municipal taxes by 8% in 2023. Citizens will also experience a rate increase of $157.

It is an increase in rates for the SQ, sewers, drinking water, collection of residual materials, details the municipal councilor of Val-des-Sources, René Lachance.

For an average residence valued at $123,000 in the municipality, this increase represents an increase of $277 in 2023.

These $277 directly impact the citizen's wallet, we are aware of it, explains the municipal councilor. Our biggest problem is that we are facing an increase in our costs.

The Municipality is experiencing an increase in many costs, in particular those associated with the collection of residual materials, according to the advise. The Municipality is also facing a significant loss of revenue.

One ​​of the measures that affects us the most is equalization. We are the city in Quebec that receives the most equalization payments per inhabitant. We therefore have a low fixed asset value. To compensate, the government sends money, explains René Lachance.

“Each time we improve, equalization decreases, and it declines faster than new incomes enter. This creates a shortfall which is very hard to absorb.

— René Lachance, municipal councilor of Val-des-Sources

This is not the first year that we have had to deal with a difficult budget, but this is by far the hardest part, says the adviser.

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