Significant increase in wages expected in 2023 in Quebec

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Increase increase in salaries expected in 2023 in Quebec

The average payroll increase is expected to increase by 4.1% next year.

The average payroll increase is expected to increase by 4, 1% next year, according to a survey by the Conseil du patronat du Québec published Thursday morning. A response to runaway inflation and labor shortages.

The situation of the labor shortage means that the strategic advantage is on the side of the employees, underlines Karl Blackburn, president and chief executive officer of the Conseil du patronat du Québec (CPQ), at the show Tout un matin on ICI Radio-Canada Première.

According to the report, the largest increases will be in the information technology (4.7%), real estate (4.7%), professional services (4.5%) and manufacturing ( 4.4%).

Mr. Blackburn nevertheless believes that not all business sectors will be able to follow this upward trend. In many cases, profit margins are tight, it becomes difficult to maintain this upward pressure. Some businesses will close. Because it's the consumers who are going to pay for it, and who pay more for their services, he says.

The key, according to him, lies in expanding the pool of workers.

According to the CPQ survey, it is workers in forestry (2.25%) and in public administrations (2.93%) – municipal, provincial and federal – which are expected to receive the smallest wage increases, in 2023.

The CPQ also notes another trend, those of salary freezes which are becoming increasingly rare. Only 1% of organizations are considering doing so in 2023. Uncertainty related to the pandemic had pushed the number of organizations that have frozen to 8% in 2021.

The CPQ also points out that the salary issue is not always the main factor of retention in a company. According to a survey conducted by Normandin Beaudry in 2021, flexibility is the reason most often cited by employees for staying on, with salary coming third.

In an interview with Radio-Canada, the president of the CPQ also returned to the remarks of François Legault, who declared Wednesday before the Chamber of Commerce of Montreal that it would be “suicidal” to welcome more than 50,000 immigrants by an.

Mr. Blackburn, he believes that the thresholds must be increased to 80,000 people per year, to make up for a shortfall in recent years. Quebec would thus be able to replace the 1.4 million retirements by 2030, according to him.

He denounces in the same breath the shock declarations and the verbal puffiness, like that of the Prime Minister or that of Minister Jean Boulet, who maintain a mistrust of immigrants. He also points out that 80% of economic immigration speaks French.

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