Signs and superstitions about church candles


May 6, 2019, 8:08 p.m. | Culture

Candles were the main source of light in the past. It is not surprising that many omens and superstitions are associated with them.

Omens and superstitions about church candles

Omens and superstitions do not lose their relevance even today, and the way they burn can warn of impending danger. From ancient times to the present, various rituals and rites are performed with the help of candles to get rid of problems and dangers, to attract health, prosperity, well-being, love and luck. Candles do not always burn evenly: they can smoke, crackle and fall. What do omens about candles say and warn about?

Why do church candles crackle

  • Crackling of a burning candle, according to the omen , indicates that you are being negatively influenced. This is an excuse to do an energy cleaning in the house and go to church.
  • A candle may crack if a not-so-good person is coming to visit you soon.
  • A crack similar to a hiss portends disappointment and unpleasant news.
  • The crackle of a lit candle indicates problems in life.

Signs of smoking candles

  • If a church candle smokes a lot in the house, it means that there is a lot of negative energy in the house.
  • Smoking from a candle moving towards the person who lit it indicates a person's weak energy.
  • If you lit a candle in the temple, and it smokes a lot, then you need to repent of your sins.
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    Why do candles fall

    • If a candle has fallen in the church, then this portends quick unpleasant news from loved ones.
    • For young unmarried girls, a candle that has fallen in the church portends a quick marriage.
    • A church candle that itself fell from the candlestick, indicates urgent problems for the one who placed it.
    • If the candle unexpectedly fell in the church, an unpleasant event awaits a person soon. Often, such a falling candle indicates an upcoming strong family conflict or husband's betrayal.

    Omens about weeping candles

    < p>A candle cries if it drips and flows a lot of wax. Wax behaves in different ways: it flows in a puddle, remains on the candle, forming whimsical flows. It is believed that such signs cannot be ignored, informs Ukr.Media.

    • Influences on the candle indicate a violation of natural protection and a weakening of energy. A person's energy field is not capable of protecting him from adversity, which means that it needs to be strengthened.
    • If a lit church candle immediately begins to “cry”; and the wax flows down, this indicates the presence of a negative influence and very weak energy.
    • Many currents on the candle, which are on top of each other, portend the illness of the person who lit it.
    • A drop of wax flowing down the candle, like a tear, indicates problems with some person. It is possible that she wants to harm you.
    • Influences on a church candle indicate various problems, and if there are many of them, then everything is not in order in life. It is worth visiting the church and praying, as well as confessing.


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