Signs of the zodiac and their “dark side”. What disadvantages do you and your friends have


Astrologers and numerologists have identified the most visible flaws in each of the zodiac signs.

 The signs of the zodiac and their

To have light, you must also have darkness. In order to have joy, you must also experience sorrow. This duality of human nature is essentially what makes us human. Our shadows are neither bad nor negative & ndash; they are simply part of this balance.

The zodiac signs and their flaws

The negative parts of Aries can manifest themselves as selfishness, impatience, and hot-tempered temperament. While they are good at making decisions, they can also get frustrated and bored quickly, but at the same time feel determined to make decisions that will bring them out of an impasse.

Taurus has a tendency to be very possessive and bored. wno in relation to material goods as well as their relations with romantic partners. They tend to be very relationship dependent, very jealous and overly interested in getting wealth to make their life more comfortable.

By nature, a Gemini always thinks with two different heads, which prevents them from making a decision. They miss many opportunities in life because they cannot make decisions in time.

Cancer is one of the most pessimistic signs in the zodiac, as it often feels abandoned by those who should love and support it. Therefore, they feel overwhelmed by life's challenges and constantly feel that they have to face obstacles on their own.

The lion, aware of his own powers, is extremely arrogant and often obsessed with his own leadership qualities. Also, people born in Leo often become aggressive and their hostility is sometimes hard to deal with.

Virgins love to be critical. It is an unpleasant quality of Virgo that distances them from people. They criticize anyone, anytime, and they are PERFECT! But they understand better that this is not an idea of ​​perfection. It would be helpful if each particular circumstance was included in the analysis and critique.

Libra is one of the most generous signs in the zodiac. She will not hesitate to give a person what he needs when he needs it, if it is in his power. However, Libra can also be incredibly selfish. He likes the finer things in life and will not hesitate to ignore his benevolent side to put his pleasures first.

The dark side of Scorpio can translate into impulsiveness, denial, and difficulty accepting change. They love having friends around them, and they hate it when they have to let go of someone they love. They can't stand to see things get out of hand and panic when someone doesn't follow the direction they set their target.

Shooters are careless, and this affects all of them relations. Because they get bored easily, they tend to let go of people and things they no longer care about ruthlessly.

Capricorns are known to be overly sensitive. If they feel that someone has betrayed them, they suffer to the point of exhaustion. There are also occasions when this person wasn't going to hurt you, but you just misinterpreted the situation.

Aquarius are so good they become obnoxious. They don't hold a grudge, take revenge, or criticize, but are so proud and so pleased with themselves that they become irritating to those around them.

Pisces looks like compassionate people, but no one sees the real face. They often turn out to be greedy and jealous, constantly desiring to turn attention to their side. They are also dreamers and lazy, constantly changing moods.


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