“Silicone mask!” Journalists uncovered the “secret of youth” 72-year-old Rotaru

Russian media “revealed” the secret of youth, the famous Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru, saying that the 72-year-old artist uses to go on stage, “silicone mask”.

So, the magazine “Secrets of the stars” suggested that Rotaru before every public appearance grimiruetsya for five hours – allegedly much time is required for the imposition of prosthetics normally used by artists to burlesque shows, to become another person, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

''Силиконовая маска!'' Журналисты раскрыли ''секрет молодости'' 72-летней Ротару

Sofia Rotaru

According to the publication, a 72-year-old star puts on a special face of a silicon wafer, then they are aligned and have them in the final to apply basic makeup. Netizens suggested that using a silicone mask Rotaru hides wrinkles and other age-related changes.

Also “Secrets of the stars” has put forward the theory that it is because of these masks masks, the singer had a hypertensive crisis in 2018.

In turn, concert Director Sofia Rotaru Sergey Lavrov has denied the rumors, calling them nonsense.

''Силиконовая маска!'' Журналисты раскрыли ''секрет молодости'' 72-летней Ротару

Sofia Rotaru

“This nonsense about the mask we had read. Of course, it’s a lie. Sofia Mikhailovna is a very beautiful woman, many wonder how she manages for so many years to fall in love with millions”, – said the representative of rotary.

He also added that before every concert Rotaru goes on a special diet.

“It is not so easy to provide diet as a favorite dish of Sofia Mihajlovny is fried potatoes. Rotaru had to refuse potatoes, from desserts, from meat dishes. She mainly eats fresh greens every day makes a one-hour walk”, – said Lavrov.

As the Free Press wrote earlier, the sister of Sofia Rotaru showed a photo of her from the future.

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