Simon Castaldi and Adixia still in a relationship, he reveals why they do not appear together on the networks


Simon Castaldi and Adixia still a couple, he reveals why they’t appear together on the networks

< strong>Simon Castaldi and Adixia managed to save their couple. However, not the shadow of a two-person photo on the networks. Simon explains why.

Love always triumphs! Adixia and Simon know this very well. The two lovers recently almost saw their paths separate. For fans of the couple, it’s a real relief to know they are back together. However, a small downside. What about the ultimate proofof unavoidable tinkering for reality TV candidates? The famous Instagram post in common! If the investigators of the net have understood that Adixia and Simon are together again, we are still waiting to see them appear in a more official way.

Marital crises have not spared the son of Benjamin Castaldi and his companion Djette. Those who follow Les Apprentis Aventuriers were able to learn from the mouth of Adixia a first betrayal of her man. The blonde admitted to having found in Simon's cellphone an exchange with a young woman accompanied by a naked photo of her. La Ch’ti has decided to ignore this time. On the other hand, the young man's latest betrayal was more difficult to swallow. Solo on the set of Rest of the World, Simon would have betrayed his beauty with Virginie. Immediately, we learned that the young woman was flying to Ibiza where the filming was taking place.

Simon and Adixia, a very suspicious discretion

What happened there? According to Shayaratv, Adixia would have done everything to recover an indifferent Simon. To know the precise sequence of events, we will have to wait for the release of the episodes. Since the end of filming, we know that the lovers have fallen back into each other’s arms. The lovebirds know that no one is fooled, they are back together. In a Frequently Asked Questions on Instagram, Simon answered this Friday, June 10, 2022 to the question that burned everyone's lips. Why don't they appear together? He simply replies, “Because there's not much to show. Adi was tired lately, I too had to deal with some issues over and over again. But hey, we're going home soon. We're a little bit wandering, we're going a little right to left. It’s a bit of a rush, but we'll be back soon, I promise.