Simple and useful: why many drivers deliberately leave the steering wheel turned out


May 14, 2022, 09:05 | Auto

Car trick.

Simple and useful: why many drivers purposely leave the steering wheel turned out

On parked cars, you can often see that drivers leave the steering wheel upside down. The purpose of this decision has long been disputed, and some consider it harmful to the condition of the vehicle's components. By turning the steering wheel before parking, motorists achieve a number of advantages, but not all of them are obvious at first glance, informs Ukr.Media.

Protection from damage and comfort

When the car is parked, there is a risk of an accident with a stationary car. Other drivers can accidentally touch the vehicle and hide from the scene of the accident, so it will be extremely difficult to find the culprit. To reduce the risk of defects, it is possible to find the wheels in the returned state. There is a high probability that in this case the impact will not fall on the body element, but on the tire, so its consequences will be minimal.

Sometimes the traffic rules require leaving the steering wheel in an upturned state. This approach is relevant if the car remains on a slope. When parking on a slope, it is recommended to turn the wheels towards the curb, so that in the event of a possible involuntary movement of the vehicle, it rests against the barrier. Under the influence of sunlight, the upper part of the cabin element heats up to a high temperature, so it is unpleasant to touch it. By leaving the steering wheel upside down, the driver will protect his area from unwanted influence.

Myths about the inverted steering wheel

Many drivers believe that leaving the car with the wheels turned out will allow them to avoid towing the vehicle. This approach was relevant earlier when fixed mounts were used for car wheels. Now, universal solutions are used that allow evacuating the vehicle even with the wheels completely turned out.

It is a common opinion that on cars equipped with hydraulic power steering, the wheels should always be left straight on parked vehicles. However, the steering wheel, left inverted by 180°, is not capable of harming the car's components in any way. When the engine is not running, the power steering pump is not loaded, so the position of the wheels does not matter.

The condition of the suspension also does not depend on parking with the steering wheel turned upside down. If there is a desire, any driver can use this trick, which not only increases the level of comfort when driving a vehicle, but also ensures its parking on an inclined surface.


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