Simple rules for a cheerful morning


June 3, 2022, 22:08 | Medicine

Tips to help you start the morning in a good mood and feel energetic.

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< p>Many find it difficult to wake up in the morning. Most often, the whole day can be ruined by an unsuccessful awakening, informs Ukr.Media.

Rule 1

Sleep properly. This means no heavy dinner, a well-ventilated room before going to bed, warm milk or a cup of freshly brewed but weak tea with honey, a relaxing warm bath. But that's not all. The most important thing is to unload your brain. Try not to go to the computer in the evening, not to watch thrillers and heavy dramas. Your task is to calm the psyche. Techniques of relaxation or self-training, techniques of self-hypnosis are very helpful. Throw away all the bad memories of the previous day, think about how you will wake up in the morning refreshed. Say to yourself: “I will fall asleep healthy and wake up cheerful and cheerful''. Mentally pat yourself on the head and fall asleep with a smile.

Rule 2

Wake up with pleasure and do not jump out of bed. Give yourself a chance to wallow. Think about something pleasant: a refreshing shower with a pleasant aromatic gel, a delicious breakfast, which, by the way, can be thought of the day before.

Rule 3< /p>

Follow the regime. Train yourself to wake up and go to bed at the same time. At the same time, it is not recommended to sleep longer than eight hours. Otherwise, the dream begins to blur, as it were, and a full-fledged rest is not possible. Be sure to turn on bright lights everywhere after waking up. Special bright encouraging lamps are now on sale. There is even such a method of treating depression – light therapy. As for a sharp rise, watch your health. Young people and middle-aged people can afford to jump out of bed, immediately doing a light workout. But a sharp rise is not recommended for elderly people. This threatens orthostatic hypertension: when the pressure can jump due to a sudden change in body position. The best thing to do after waking up is to soak up a little and do exercises – pulling and stretching – while lying down.

Rule 4

Do not neglect the simplest physical exercises. Even a 10-minute warm-up not only tones our body, but also saturates the blood with oxygen, makes it move faster. And this means that the brain will be better supplied with oxygen and useful substances, you will be more cheerful all day and you will think better.

Rule 5

Water procedures. Fill the bath with one cold water and on exhalation with the sound of ha sink into it. Literally five seconds will help stimulate immunity, activate all organs, fill you with vigor. In addition, the cold helps to remove any painful sensations from the joints. For those who would like to avoid extremes, a contrast shower will be indispensable.

If you find it difficult to wake up, try using a special ten-minute technique, which will make your rise much easier.

First minute: open your eyes. Rejoice in the day that has come. Think about loved ones, about how you want to see this day!

Second minute:think for at least one minute about future affairs today, what you will do. Look for the positives in everything.

Third minute: stretch. Cravings are simply necessary for your body. In this way, it is easier for him to wake up from sleep. Yawning will help saturate the body with oxygen.

Fourth minute: Practice breathing, saturate the body with oxygen! Take a few deep breaths in and out.

Fifth minute:Give yourself a light head massage! Massage the occipital humps, eyebrow arches, earlobes – this will ensure blood flow to the head after sleep.

Sixth minute: light exercise without getting out of bed. Clench and unclench the fist, rotational movements in the elbows, hands, shoulders. Also stretch the joints of the legs: knees (using the bicycle exercise), fingers, hips.

Seventh minute: rub your palms against each other. Then rub the body with your palms from top to bottom – this will ensure good blood circulation.

Eighth minute: rise. You need to get up slowly. First, sit in bed, then lower your legs, and only then get up. A sharp change in position is a stress for your body.

Ninth minute: Morning charge with your own energy. Go to the mirror and smile at yourself, look at yourself with love. This stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone of joy.

Tenth minute: you can drink a glass of water. In this way, the breakfast eaten will not fall into a sleepy stomach. Water will help him start his work.


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