Since UFC: the promoter Lomachenko announced the largest transaction in sports

One of the most influential people in the Boxing world, promoter of the famous 88-year-old Bob Arum said that for the “right price” is willing to sell his company, Top Rank.

In particular, mater promouterskaya shop said that he has three offers: from companies in Endeavor, Liberty Global and DAZN, reports Business Insider.

Со времен UFC: промоутер Ломаченко заявил о самой крупной сделке в спорте

Bob Arum

Bob Arum of Top Rank was founded almost half a century ago – in 1973. He organized the battles of the legendary Muhammad Ali, sugar ray Leonard, Oscar De La Hoya, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

Top Rank selling could become the biggest deal in the history of martial arts since purchasing the UFC a company Endeavor for more than $ 4 billion in 2016.

“Everything has its price. Yes, we are talking about potentially the biggest deal since the sale of the UFC. I think they did everything on time. And Dana white has remained at the helm of the company, despite the fact that now she has new owners. And he still has an important role. If you are ready to invest a lot of money in the entertainment industry, you are going to buy a ready-made projects, rather than starting from scratch”, – outlined the prospects of a possible deal Bob Arum.

Recall that one of the charges the 88-year-old promoter Top Rank is the Ukrainian champion in the lightweight division for the WBC, WBA, WBO Vasyl Lomachenko.

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