Singer Adele found herself at the center of a scandal after announcing a new concert


Singer Adele is at the center of controversy after announcing a new concert


Singer Adele faced the wrath of her fans after announcing an upcoming performance in Hyde Park. The singer shared the news on Instagram*.

It will be incredible! A whole day of performances, — wrote Adele.

However, the singer's fans did not share her joy and remembered how she canceled the planned show in Las Vegas, but did not set new dates.

What about the show in Las Vegas?


Are you kidding? You still haven't announced new dates for the Las Vegas show. I'm disappointed in you.

Okay, but what about Vegas? Five months have passed and no new dates have been announced. I am very disappointed with the way you treat the fans who paid a lot of money to come to you. You have shown that you have no respect for people, — netizens write in the comments.

Recall that in January, the singer canceled a scheduled show right before the performance, which caused the anger of fans who traveled from all over the country, had already purchased tickets and paid for hotel accommodation. The singer explained the cancellation of the concert by the fact that one of her team members fell ill with coronavirus, but later rumors appeared on the network that this was due to the scandal that the singer made because of the technique.

Insiders also reported that this At the moment, Adele had problems with her boyfriend, sports agent Rich Paul.

Earlier, the singer was at the center of another scandal: Adele refused to perform at the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, which was held in London in June, explaining this heavy workload. After that, the anger of fans fell upon Adele, who said that she was “starred”.

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