Singer Jacob Hoggard trial: Crown waives appeal


Singer Jacob Hoggard's trial: Crown waives appeal

Artist acquitted of two charges of rape and touching inappropriate sex.

Jacob Hoggard at the entrance to the Toronto courthouse on May 9, 2022.

Procurators for the Ontario government have decided not to appeal the two acquittal verdicts a jury returned against the lead singer of the late music group Hedley.

Jacob Hoggard was found guilty of rape on June 5 after six days of deliberations, but the 38-year-old singer was acquitted of two other charges that had been brought against him since 2018.

Jacob Hoggard is guilty of sexual assault causing bodily harm

A teenage girl and woman accused him of sexual assault causing bodily harm after meeting him in two hotels in the Toronto area in September and November 2016.

Jacob Hoggard is guilty with respect to the complaint of the adult woman only.

Jacob Hoggard with his wife and one of his two lawyers.

Jacob Hoggard was also facing a charge of inappropriate sexual interference with the same teenager for alleged offenses in April of the same year. He was also acquitted of that charge.

In an email, the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General writes that the Crown decided not to appeal the acquittals after a thorough review.

The department adds that it would not be appropriate to comment further given the related issues that remain before the court.

The Crown had until July 6 to file a motion to appeal to the province's highest court.

The Ontario Court of Appeal confirmed to Radio-Canada that she had received no such request from the government.

The Crown later tried unsuccessfully to have the singer revoked bail to imprison him ahead of his sentencing hearing in October.

Jacob Hoggard's defense has already indicated that it is appealing the guilty verdict alone. In a statement, she wrote that the verdict raised legal issues that are sure to draw the attention of the Ontario Court of Appeal.

She explained that her client was very disappointed, but was grateful to the jury for acquitting him of the other two sexual charges.

Former Hedley band vocalist Jacob Hoggard at an undetermined domestic concert.

Jacob Hoggard is also facing new rape allegations over an encounter he had in June 2016 in Kirkland Lake, northern Ontario.

The charge of sexual assault causing bodily harm was filed in March 2022, but was kept confidential due to the spring trial against the complaints of the first two women.

On this subject, the defense had specified, in the same press release, that its client was impatient to defend himself against this new accusation.

Stricter release conditions for Jacob Hoggard, rape offender

Singer's next hearing scheduled for August 4 2022 in Kirkland Lake court.


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