Singer Pierre Narcisse dies

The singer Pierre Narcisse has died

Pierre Narcisse

Russian musician of Cameroonian origin Pierre Narcisse has died. He was 45 years old. According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, the singer died after a kidney operation.

The death of Pierre Narcisse was reported by his relatives.

Thank you for spending time together on this earth. Pierre, Narcissus, Lorenzo, Pa… You will forever be in our hearts and prayers. Thank you for your wonderful daughter. I hand you over to the hands of your father Almighty with kindness, peace and love,

— his wife Valery Kalacheva wrote on Instagram*.

The singer Pierre Narcisse has died

Pierre Narcisse and his wife

Thank you dad for everything. This is the kind of person whom I will set as an example all my life, the person whom I will honor, this is the person who put me on my feet, gave me the foundation in this life and attitudes, I am really grateful to him.

Dad — this is an example for me. I am very sorry that he will not be next to me… But I hope that everything will be fine with him both in heaven and in subsequent lives. I let him go with a clear conscience, with a pure heart, with a pure soul. I'm calm for him. I believe that life does not just send people to us, it is not just that everything converges, that people find each other, each person contributes to the life of another. Too bad I didn't spend much time with him,

— 16-year-old daughter of the singer Carolina-Kristel wrote on her page.

The singer Pierre Narcisse has died

Caroline-Christel, daughter of Pierre Narcisse

Pierre Narcisse gained fame thanks to the second season of the music competition “Star Factory” . At the show, he performed the song “Chocolate Bunny”, which later became his hallmark.

Also, Pierre Narcisse played an episodic role in the film “The Barber of Siberia”, and in 2006 he received the title of Honored Artist of Ingushetia.

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