Sir Elton John in a tutu has supported artists of children’s musical in Sydney

On the eve of a 72-year-old Elton John surprised the audience of the theatre in Sydney, joining the final bow the cast of the musical Billy Elliot. The audience warmly received the performance of children and were ready to launch the final applause, when suddenly together with them, came on the scene… you sir Elton John! And not just in his characteristic bright shiny costume, but also in a white tutu.

Сэр Элтон Джон в балетной пачке поддержал артистов детского мюзикла в Сиднее

Together with young artists, he bowed and waved to the audience. Hall was thrilled!

By the way, his appearance on stage is easy to explain — because Elton John wrote for the staging of all the music to the words of Lee Hall. Later on the page of the musical in the Instagram post appeared with thanks to the British artist:

Team and the cast of the musical “Billy Elliot” was very surprised by the appearance of a special guest… sir Elton John! Elton joined the cast on stage and the audience greeted him with thunderous applause!

In the comments some of the audience that night, wrote his impressions:

To see sir Elton John in a tutu — additional unforgettable bonus to such a beautiful show!

Elton “Crazy” John’s in the pack! I’ve lost my mind! I will never forget this night.

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