Sister Cristiano Ronaldo infuriated harmless joke van Dyck about her brother (photo)

Сестру Криштиану Роналду  взбесила безобидная шутка ван Дейка о ее брате (фото)

Singer Katia Aveiro, the sister of the forward “Juventus” Cristiano Ronaldo, was outraged by the joke of Liverpool defender Virgil van Dyck about her brother during the ceremony of “Golden ball” in Paris.

Recall that in the margins of one of the journalists turned to the Dutchman: “Cristiano is not here. One competitor less?” The Dutchman did not effaced: “he was a competitor?”.

“People live outside of reality. Such modesty! Yes, it was known that Cristiano will not win the award, although he took the important titles, both team and personal. Dear Virgil, where you came, Cristiano was already thousands of times. When you played a few years and haven’t even touched the trophies, Cristiano has been a three-time champion, best player and best scorer of the country where you play. At that time he was younger than you.

Then he moved to real Madrid and became the best player of this club. You know that name, dear Virgil? It’s possible that Yes, because in this team he beat you in the Champions League final. And he already had five such wins. He beat your team in the final of the League of Nations.

Dear Virgil, in one season Cristiano has got more trophies than you have achieved in your career. Impressive, isn’t it? When you are in the hands of the trophies that really count, then perhaps you will be able to be at the same table with Cristiano. For me it remains the best,” wrote Katia Aveiro in Instagram.

Recall that Virgil van Dijk by referendum in France Football with 679 points took second place, losing to Lionel Messi only 7 points (686), and ignored the ceremony, Cristiano Ronaldo — third (476).

Сестру Криштиану Роналду  взбесила безобидная шутка ван Дейка о ее брате (фото)

Virgil van Dijk attended the ceremony of awarding the “Golden ball” with his wife Rica

By the way, the Portuguese this evening was in Milan, where rewards were given to the Italian Serie A. And behaved Cristiano pretty weird.

At least, as reported on Twitter journalist Tancredi Palmeri, the Portuguese star sat in his car until it was time to get the prize for the best player of the tournament. And only when the player gave the signal, he went to the event, and his guards began to Shine flashlights into the cameras of journalists, making it difficult to take pictures.

Сестру Криштиану Роналду  взбесила безобидная шутка ван Дейка о ее брате (фото)

Cristiano Ronaldo during the awards of Serie A in Milan

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