Six provinces raised their minimum wages on October 1

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Six provinces raised their minimum wage on October 1

Minimum wage increases come as cost of living soars.

Canadian workers earning minimum wage in six provinces now see their check increase.

Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador increased their minimum wages on October 1.

The increases come as the cost of living soars, with annual inflation in Canada hitting a nearly 40-year high in recent months.

Labor groups say minimum wage hikes are long overdue, but don't go far enough to solve the affordability crisis.

Canadian Labor Congress President Bea Bruske stressed that the long-awaited goal of a nationwide $15-per-hour wage floor will no longer solve soaring costs basics, such as food and shelter.

However, Canadian Federation of Independent Business President and CEO Dan Kelly felt that the minimum wage hike came at a difficult time for businesses, which also face challenges.

Less than half of small businesses have returned to normal sales levels, he argued.

Small businesses incurred an average of $160,000 in debt due to COVID and their costs have increased rapidly. At the moment, any increase in costs for businesses is really difficult to manage.

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