Sleep apnea increases the risk of road accidents


April 22, 2022, 12:03 | Auto

Due to apnea, men and women become more prone to risky driving behavior.

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People who suffer from sleep apnea often wake up in the morning very tired, despite having had enough hours of rest. All because constant breathing stops at night prevent them from falling into a deep restorative sleep, informs Ukr.Media.

A new study by scientists from Washington University in St. Louis (USA) has shown how dangerous chronic fatigue can be. , caused by sleep apnea. Researchers have found that due to apnea, men and women become more prone to risky driving behavior, which increases the likelihood of an accident.

The experiment involved 96 elderly people with sleep apnea, whose health and driving habits were monitored for a year. To measure the severity of sleep apnea, available home tests were used, and to assess driving habits, the researchers installed a special chip in the subjects' cars that monitors episodes of sharp braking, sudden acceleration, and speeding.

According to the results of the study, the scientists found that the frequency with which drivers engaged in dangerous driving maneuvers increased in parallel with the frequency with which their sleep was interrupted by apnea. For every eight additional breath pauses per hour, the likelihood of speeding, sudden braking, or sudden acceleration increased by 27%. elderly people If their condition deteriorates by just eight breath stops per hour, it can have significant adverse consequences for their driving and risk of serious injury in a crash,' says Brendan Lucy, one of the authors of the study.


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