Sleep at the light: scientists told than so dangerous a lack of sleep

Scientists from Michigan state University conducted a study that allowed us to associate lack of sleep with risk to life because of a mistake. According to experts, the earlier research works did not fully appreciate the danger.

Выспимся на том свете: ученные рассказали, чем так опасно недосыпание

“Our study showed that sleep deprivation doubles the risk of errors and increases the number of lapses in attention that is amazing. Persons deprived of sleep, should exercise caution in everything, even if I can’t believe such negligence cost lives. An example is driving a motor vehicle, where a single moment can have tragic consequencesI,” said the authors of scientific work.

In the experiment, the researchers drew 138 people to participate in the evaluation of sleep at night, 77 of them did not sleep, unlike other. All the volunteers in the evening you had to run a few cognitive tasks: one has measured the reaction time to a stimulus, the other — the ability to save your place in a series of steps. Then men and women repeated the same action in the morning. The results showed that the error rate increased to 30% in the group deprived of sleep. The morning data of the other participants was similar to the previous one.

“There are some things that people are able to perform on autopilot, even if they don’t get enough sleep. However, sleep deprivation causes widespread deficits in all aspects of life, which can cost lives. Not worth the risk to be underestimated, “concluded the researchers.

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