Small Victories: Should You See the Movie? The critics

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“Little Victories: Should You See The Movie? Reviews”

The small victories : should we see the film ? The critics

Directed by: Mélanie Auffret With: Michel Blanc , Julia Piaton, Lionel Abelanski, Marie Bunel, Marie-Pierre Casey, Sébastien Chassagne Genre: Comedy Released 03/01/2023 Duration 01:29 4.4 /5 (25 reviews) Write a review Synopsis Watch the trailer Find a session Your opinions

The small victories: should we see the film? The reviews

The comedy "The small victories" with Michel Blanc and Julia Piaton was released in theaters this Wednesday, March 1, 2023. Critics' press review.

[Updated; day on March 1, 2023 at; 11:44 a.m.] Small victories is one of the comedies to see in the cinema releases of March 1, 2023. Directed by Mélanie Auffret, this film with Michel Blanc and Julia Piaton won; the Special Jury Prize at the Alpe d'Huez Festival on January 16th. Spectators can follow the complicated daily life; of Alice, a teacher elected mayor of her small town, who has to deal with; a new challenge when a grieving 60-year-old decides to enroll in his school to learn how to read.

Reviews are generally won over by Small Victories, since the film received a rating of 3.5/5 from the press (16 titles) on the Allocin review aggregator. Le Parisien salutes "a gem of comedy" on rurality, while 20 minutes considers that this film "doped; to benevolence is very successful. For Télé Loisirs, "Julia Piaton and Michel Blanc form the perfect duo in this comedy with chiseled dialogues, full of sensitivity, humor, and skilfully evoking the culture of the city. Serification of the campaigns”. For the time being, only L'Obs ​​has not let himself seduce, deploring a "predictable scenario", "minimalist narrative stakes" which leave "unsatisfied".

Synopsis– It is not easy for Alice to juggle between her position as a teacher and that of mayor of the small town of Kerguen. Especially since at the slightest concern, the inhabitants come to ask for his help, whether it is small or bigger problems. The thirty-something single however encounters a real obstacle in her path when Emile, a villager who has lost his brother, decides to enroll in his school in order to learn how to live. read. But the association between the sexagenarian and the children very quickly turns into a nightmare for Alice who no longer knows where to go. give head especially that she must save the village and her school…


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Rate this movie J'mi.mi – 03/05/2023 Report Very well done, also very close to reality. Alex22 – 03/05/2023 Report Go see it, it's great! Dodo – 03/05/2023 Report A ray of sunshine, this film does us good even if the subjects treated are frankly not funny, desertification of our beautiful villages, illiteracy. A lot of emotions. Carinet – 03/04/2023 Report A good film in the vein of happiness is in the meadow. It's fresh, it's positive, it feels good!!! Cols – 03/04/2023 Report Excellent film and a lot of accuracy

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