Smart rings can detect coronavirus in the early stages

"Умные" перстни могут обнаружить коронавирус на ранних стадиях

A startup from San Francisco is testing a “smart” rings for the timely detection of coronavirus

Startups continue to find new ways to contribute to ongoing efforts to combat the global spread of COVID-19. The manufacturer of personal medical equipment Oura is no exception. Company Smart Ring together with the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) is conducting a new study to find out whether his device can help detect the early physiological signs that may indicate the appearance of a man COVID-19.

This study will consist of two parts. About 2000 medical professionals will wear the ring Oura during the study. Ring continuously monitor the body temperature of the user, and the nature of sleep, heart rate and activity level, according Fever is a common and early symptom that may indicate COVID-19, and continuously updated readings of body temperature can detect the heat very early. Of course, this is not enough to confirm a case of COVID-19, but the purpose of the study is to determine whether the display range of the annular tracks Oura, taken together with other signals, to be useful in any activity at early detection.

In addition to the rings Oura provided to study participants, it is planned to expand it to include the total number of users Oura. This means that more than 150 000 users around the world can participate and add to the overall pool of available information the statement of his ring, and a daily examination of symptoms. For existing users Oura is a relatively easy way to contribute to global efforts against the pandemic, not even leaving the house.

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