Smile: a terrifying trailer that makes you smile


In the Smile trailer, a psychiatrist played by Sosie Bacon is chased by an evil smile that only she can see.

Horror cinema, always looking for new concepts to take us from behind, seems to have found a second wind for some time. Certainly more original proposals, playing on other registers of dread than those to which we were accustomed before: we find ourselves reconnecting with horror in the room. New wave of angst cinema or not, it is undeniable that directors such as Ari Aster or Jordan Peele are now fueling the hope of rediscovering the great thrill, and without seeing it coming.

For example, for this summer, we are impatiently awaiting the wild Nope by Jordan Peele, which intrigued us already from the first images with its mysterious cloud. More suddenly and for later this year, a trailer for the unexpected Smile, has just landed, also promising us to know dread – but here, at the mere sight of a smile.

After a traumatic experience in her office, Rose Cotter, a psychiatrist, finds herself tormented by what was causing one of her patients' affliction. A terrible smile that only she observes in the others seems to pursue her, and then begins a deadly count. Between a chilling investigation a la The Ring and a headlong rush in the face of an unusual curse, reminiscent of It Follows, Smile seems to be a promising session for film lovers. anguish and disturbing strangeness.

The film is directed by Parker Finn (The Hidebehind) whose career is still quite young and the name unknown to us. Smile will be an opportunity for him to make an impression and be one of the horror films of the year, perhaps alongside Nope, or at unless they offer us a sinister effective or laughable entertainment for the start of the school year. Something to smile about in any case, hopefully. Smile will be released exclusively in our cinemas on September 28.